Has Vine changed the Viral world?

vine_glyph_2x Vine; making people famous

Latest smartphone application that has changed the way people are able to watch videos, record videos and even become recognizable through videos. An app that was just released this past year in January has blown up big and has made regular people into people that are now being considered “Vine Famous”. Vine is an app that is able to be downloaded on any smartphone or tablet that allows the user to either make their own 6 second video, follow others; Which allows them to watch other videos & allows them to share those videos with people that follow them. Also when people have the name “Vine famous” it comes along with the notation of they make viral videos that thousands and even millions of people have the ability to watch over and over again. People like Brittany Furlan, Marcus and Cody Johns, KC James, Curtis Lepore, Eric Dunn and many others have been labeled “Vine Famous” and their lives have changed.

Here’s a look at some of the best vines that have been made, and leave your comment on what ones were your favorite and why.


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