NBA Power Rankings


With most teams 5 games into the NBA Season; Here are my NBA Power Rankings

1- Indiana Pacers(5-0)- The only team that is still undefeated on the NBA season. The Pacers have shown the entire NBA that they are legit contenders for the title and their focus on defense is what will drive them.

2- Golden State Warriors(4-1) Tied for the top spot in the western conference; Mark Jackson have the Warriors looking like real NBA title contenders. The back court of Curry and Thompson might be the best in the NBA.

3-San Antonio Spurs(4-1)- The same look Spurs are doing normal Spurs things. This is a team that should stay in the top 10 all year because they are a great veteran regular season team. The only thing this team is worried about is the playoffs.

4-Houston Rockets(4-1) It appears the hype over the off-season was legit. The Rockets are off to a fast start and look to have a great team throughout the entire season. James Harden and a re-energized Dwight Howard are posed for a deep playoff run, early into the NBA season.

5-Oklahoma City Thunder- With Russell Westbrook already back into the lineup; He has given this team life early into the season. Westbrook appears to have not missed a step from his knee injury and looks to put the Thunder back on top of the western conference.

6- Miami Heat- Rarely seen outside of the top 5 teams in the NBA. The Heat have started this season off shaky, but any fan worried about how they will be in the long run is overreacting. With the best player in the world(LeBron James) the Heat and their fans will have another long run deep in the playoffs.

7- Los Angeles Clippers- For possibly the first time since Los Angeles has had two NBA teams; The Clippers are the best team in the NBA. With the likes of new head coach Doc Rivers and superstar talent at the Point Guard position the Clippers are in prime position to keep on climbing in the power rankings.

8-Philadelphia 76ers- A team that was supposed to be the worst in the NBA has come out to prove everyone wrong. Starting 3-0, but losing the next 2 games they could be coming back down to earth. Led by rookie Point Guard Michael Carter-Williams; The 76ers’ fans should embrace what is going on, but not expect it to be the norm for the rest of the season.

9- Charlotte Bobcats- The Bobcats have been a bottom dweller team for almost their entire existence in the NBA, but this might be the year they turn it around. While they only have one surprising win this season, beating the Knicks in New York. The Bobcats have fun, young team and I have a feeling will spend a lot of time in the upper half of the power rankings most season.

10- Orlando Magic- With the Magic rounding out the top ten; It does show you how crazy and unpredictable the NBA season can begin. While it’s been only 5 games for most teams the Magic have been on a role lately. Winning three straight and 2 of them being against the Brooklyn Nets and Los Angeles Clippers.

For the rest of the teams ranked 11-30 I will just give a quick stock up, stock down or staying the same on how I see the rest of their season going.

11- Phoenix Suns- Stock down; Too much inexperience, not enough all-star/superstar talent

12- Minnesota Timerbwolves- Stock down: Only a little because they don’t have enough talent(yet) around Kevin Love

13- Dallas Mavericks- Neutral; While they have Monta Ellis; The other key players on the team are old and slowing down.

14- Atlanta Hawks- Stock down; They are 2-2, but I see this team finishing well under .500 for the season.

15- Detroit Pistons- Stock up; A team that needs time to gel and get timing down. Once they do they have the talent to make the playoffs.

16- Portland Trail Blazers- Neutral; A team that is stuck right in the middle, and a big reason for that is because they are in the west. They have young talent, but need time to develop in the NBA

17- Brooklyn Nets- Stock up; Built for the playoffs; The Nets just need to make sure they get a good enough seed to make a run once in the playoffs.

18- Milwaukee Bucks- Stock down; Too much young talent and not enough time together to have success this season. Will finish well under .500 this year.

19- New Orleans Pelicans- Stock up; My surprise team in the west. The Pelicans need time with all the new talent and once that happens; They make a run for a low seed in the west.

20- Los Angeles Lakers- Stock down; While they have a returning Kobe Bryant on his way; The Lakers just don’t have the talent around him like they used too. I see this being a season like the Lakers had when Kobe once wanted to be traded.

21- Cleveland Cavaliers- Stock up; Slightly I see the stock of the Cavs going up. While I have this team barely making the playoffs; They will improve as long as Kyrie and Bynum stay healthy for most if not all of the season.

22- Toronto Raptors- Neutral; A team that is stuck in the middle and just doesn’t have enough veteran experience or superstar talent to get over the hump.

23- Chicago Bulls- Stock up; The Bulls are a team that just got their former MVP back, they are a defense minded team and are built for the playoffs. Once they get back into the swing of things; They will be in the top 10 on a regular base.

24- Memphis Grizzlies- Stock up; A team that has plenty of playoff experience; Will be in the western conference playoffs once that time of year rolls around.

25- New York Knicks- Stock up; This team has the biggest stock of the all. Starting the season 1-3 is not what they thought and now losing Center Tyson Chandler is a big blow. But Carmelo is a superstar and will lead this team back up to the top of the eastern conference.

26- Washington Wizards- Stock up; Right now a team in the bottom of the league; While they won’t make the playoffs the Wizards won’t be one of the worst teams in the NBA. Look for John Wall to improve and making the entire team improve as well.

27- Sacramento Kings- Neutral; This is exactly where I see this team ending up once the season is over. The young talent is there, but not clearly ready to make that next step in the NBA.

28- Boston Celtics- Stock down; New coach, no superstar until Rajon Rondo returns in 2014. The Celtics are going to be one of the worst teams in the NBA

29- Denver Nuggets- Stock up; I have this as a playoff team, but right now can’t win a game. While they have a new coach; The Nuggets will turn it around quick and find themselves once again in the western conference playoff picture.

30- Utah Jazz- Neutral; The Jazz are the worst team in the NBA and not much hope is for them in this season. They lost their best players in the off-season and are in full rebuild mode. Look for the Jazz to stay in the bottom of the power rankings all season long.

Leave comments on who you think is the best and worst teams in the NBA. Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter @Chucks93 for all the sports info you need and more.

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