3 Trades via NBA Trade Machine


While the NBA season is just a month into the season; Everyone loves talking NBA trades and who is on the trading block. While none of these trades are real rumors; With the use of ESPN’s Trade Machine I have come up with 3 trades throughout the NBA that will benefit each team for not only the present, but also the future.

1st trade- Boston Celtics and Indiana Pacers- No matter what Danny Ainge says the Celtics are in full rebuild mode & their number one trade asset is PG Rajon Rondo. With one of the most hyped NBA draft classes coming up with offseason; The Celtics should do whatever it takes to speed up the rebuild process by gaining the most draft picks possible. In doing so this would see them shipping Rajon Rondo & the killer contract of Gerald Wallace to the Indiana Pacers for their former star Danny Granger and starting PG George Hill; While the Trade Machine doesn’t allow the swapping of picks I would suggest that the Celtics would receive some sort of 1st round draft pick also from the Pacers. Granger is on a 1-year deal that would free up a lot of cap space for the Celtics in a much to due free agency this year, and Hill’s contract is significantly less than Rondo’s. While it means parting with a player who was once the face of the franchise; The Pacers would bring in an all-star PG  to help out all-stars Paul George, David West & Roy Hibbert. This trade would make the Pacers/Heat rivalry even more exciting to watch this upcoming playoffs as well.

2nd trade- Houston Rockets and New York Knicks- Both of these teams are playoff bound and possibly even NBA Finals bound, but both could also use some improvements to help their chances. Ever since the Dwight Howard signing, Rockets’ Center Omer Asik has wanted out and now might be the best time. The Knicks were thin protecting the rim before the Tyson Chandler injury and now are worse with him out. Also they have been rumored to be shopping young SG Iman Shumpert in exchange for a rim protector. This trade sees Omer Asik along with the return of Jeremy Lin & possibly a 1st round pick to the New York Knicks for Iman Shumpert and Andrea Bargnani. Bargnani has had a mediocre career but with him being a 1st overall pick it has been horrible. While Asik gives the Knicks the rim protector they badly need; The Rockets get back a SG that allows them to move Superstar James Harden to the PG role and make him a scoring PG. It also gets them off the hook for the horrible contract they gave Jeremy Lin last offseason. I think this trade is a long shot in happening, but would most definitely be beneficial for both teams.

3rd trade- Los Angeles Clippers and Washington Wizards- The Clippers are a team that seem to be set in every position, but could use an improvement at SF & this trade does that. While Jared Dudley is a serviceable SF he is more of a role player and is best used off the bench. The Clippers should package Dudley, Willie Green & Maalik Wayns for The Wizards SF Trevor Ariza. Although Ariza has disappointed fans since his break out playoff performance with the Lakers; He can be apart of another Los Angeles team that is poised to make a deep playoff run. Coach Doc Rivers is a defensive coach that would love to have someone with the ability like Ariza on his team to help compliment players like Chris Paul and Blake Griffin. The trade on the Wizards hands just adds depth to a team that is on the verge on finally making the playoffs again, but are a player or 2 away. They recently drafted Otto Porter; Who is currently injured, but once healthy will be taking over for Ariza as starting SF. While I don’t see the Clippers having to add a draft pick in this trade; It wouldn’t surprise me if they did.


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