NBA Power Rankings


With the NBA season getting kicked into full force; Here are my power rankings through the 1st month of the season.

Indiana Pacers(1st)- While the Eastern conference is just as bad as they have been in the past. The Pacers are a real threat for the NBA championship and have shown that early on this season. A team with the number 1 defense & a superstar player in Paul George; The Pacers will be on top of this list for most of the season.

San Antonio Spurs(2nd)- By far the best team in the Western conference. A team that seems to never age is at it again. With a 12-1 record(11 straight); The usual cast of characters are poised for yet another long run & to show that they are not too old to win a title.

Portland Trail Blazers(3rd)- The biggest surprise has to be how well the Trail Blazers have started this season. Currently on an 11 game winning streak; The Blazers are doing this with a team similar to the 2004 Pistons. A group of all-star talent and not one or two superstars. While they might see a decline in production throughout the season, but I do expect them to be serious contenders in the western conference.

Miami Heat(4th)- A team that really is only built for the playoffs and is concerned about the playoffs will finish with one of the best records in the NBA. It’s a two team race in the eastern conference and most likely will be for the entire season.

Oklahoma City Thunder(5th)- While this is a team that is built with two superstars, and then followed by efficient role players like they have been the past few years. I see the Thunder taking a step or two back this year based on who they need to count on besides Durant and Westbrook. The regular season numbers will high, but once the playoffs come around I see an early exit for this bunch.

Golden State Warriors(6th)- A team that is built for the long haul and have top 10 talent at each position in the starting lineup(PG-C); Will use that talent to help throughout the season. Consider this to be a legitimate threat once the playoffs roll around.

Los Angeles Clippers(7th)- Coach Doc Rivers might not be happy with the defense thus far, but has to like where he sees his current team compared to his former team. The Clippers have seen major regular season success over the past few years, but haven’t been able to translate that to the playoffs. I see them regularly being in the top 10 in the regular season, and finally make that next step in the playoffs with Rivers as coach.

Houston Rockets(8th)- Being able to rest a superstar like James Harden and still not miss a beat is what will keep the Rockets alive all year long. While it might take time for this team to gel together. They have the superstars and the role players to make this an exciting season in Houston and be a legitimate threat in the western conference.

Dallas Mavericks(9th)- The signing of Monta Ellis has re-energized the face of the franchise Dirk Nowitzki. Ellis is able to take a bunch of the load off of Nowitzki and lead this team to what is considered a surprised run at the moment. While their success might not be sustained throughout the entire season; Mark Cuban and the Mavericks are having a lot of success to begin this season.

Denver Nuggets(10th)- Under 1st year head coach Brian Shaw; The Nuggets started the season very slow, but have seen a lot of success in the recent weeks. Just like another western conference foe(Portland) this team is built with a group of all-stars & not just that one superstar player.

Teams 11-30 will be given stock up, stock down or neutral.

Phoenix Suns(11th)- Stock down; Just one game over .500 right now the young Suns have been playing well above expectations. The record will start reflecting the talent soon.

Minnesota Timberwolves(12th) Neutral; They just traded Derrick Williams(former 2nd overall pick) for an off the bench player in Luc Richard Mbah a Moute. I see this team sticking around the middle of the pack all year long.

New Orleans Pelicans(13th)- Neutral; A lot of talent on this team and it’s lead by 1st overall pick last year Anthony Davis. A team that could contend for the playoffs in the west will be middle of the road all year.

Memphis Grizzlies(14th)- Stock down; Just a slight bit down with the loss of Marc Gasol; While his injury wasn’t as talked about as Derrick Rose’s. The loss of Gasol will play a big factor in them sliding in the standings.

Atlanta Hawks(15th) Stock down; While they have a winning record at the moment. This team isn’t built for the long haul and will see a dip in production.

Los Angeles Lakers(16th) Stock up; Slightly their stock is on the rise is for one reason and that is the return of Kobe “Black Mamba” Bryant.

Charlotte Bobcats(17th) Stock up; A team that finally has the young talent building together. And in a week eastern conference; Look for the Bobcats to be involved in the playoff picture.

Chicago Bulls(18th) Stock down; The loss of Derrick Rose is even worse than not having him at all last year. A team that should go in full tank mode has an arrow pointing directly down.

Toronto Raptors(19th) Stock up; Most eastern conference teams need the stock up because they all can’t be this bad. While Rudy Gay is still overpaid; In an eastern conference that is weak the Raptors could use that to their advantage an contend for the playoffs.

Philadelphia 76ers(20th) Stock down; A lot of their success has been due to career highs by players. Most of that will come back down to earth and put the 76ers near the bottom of the NBA.

Washington Wizards(21st) Stock up; Star PG in John Wall, along with Bradley Beal and others. The Wizards will be in the fight for a low playoff seed in the east all year long.

Detroit Pistons(22nd) Stock up; Once the chemistry is their; the Pistons have the talent to surprise teams and be a contender in the eastern conference.

Orlando Magic(23rd) Stock down; Not enough NBA talent to have hope for this year. Magic finish with one of the worst NBA records.

Boston Celtics(24th) Neutral; Still no Rajon Rondo and the Celtics are treading water. 5 wins thus far in this early season, but nothing seems to be helping them. Will most likely stay here in the power rankings all year.

Sacramento Kings(25th) Stock up; Just acquired Derrick Williams from the Timberwolves. While they might not be a playoff team; They should be improved and not in the bottom of the rankings all year.

New York Knicks(26th) Stock up; It appears that loss of Tyson Chandler is bigger than first thought. A team with this amount of talent can’t be this bad all year long. The Knicks will turn it around and get back into the playoff hunt within the next few months.

Cleveland Cavaliers(27th) Stock up; New coach Mike Brown emphasizes defense, but for this team is hasn’t been there. Led by Kyrie Irving the Cavaliers have a lot of young talent, and have’t lived up to the potential of the fans. Even in a weak east it might be hard for them to make the playoffs, but they will definitely fight for a spot.

Brooklyn Nets(28th) Stock up; Veteran team, injured star and new head coach. 2 out of the 3 have led to the horrible start for the Nets; While the veteran team should not be this bad. Once healthy I believe this team will be get back into the playoff hunt in the east; If not this will be a short coaching career for Jason Kidd.

Milwaukee Bucks(29th) Neutral; Not much can be said about the worst team in the eastern conference. Not enough talent to be competitive in the eastern conference.

Utah Jazz(30th) Neutral; By far is the worst team in the NBA. Young talent with a lot of inexperience. Need a top 3 pick to rebuild this franchise, but this year the Jazz will be a bottom feeder all year long.

Post comments on who you think is the best team in the NBA and your thoughts on the power rankings.



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