NFL Week 13 Power Rankings


With Week 13 in the rear view mirror here are my NFL Power rankings going into week 14.


1st- Seattle Seahawks(11-1)

2nd- Denver Broncos(10-2)

3rd- New England Patriots(9-3)

4th- New Orleans Saints(9-3)

5th- Carolina Panthers(9-3)

6th- San Francisco 49ers(9-3)

7th- Cincinnati Bengals(8-4)

8th- Indianapolis Colts(8-4)

9th- Kansas City Chiefs(9-3)

10th- Philadelphia Eagles(7-5)

11th- Dallas Cowboys(7-5)

12th- Arizona Cardinals(7-5)

13th- Baltimore Ravens(6-6)

14th- Miami Dolphins(6-6)

15th- Chicago Bears(6-6)

16th- New York Giants(5-7)

17th- San Diego Chargers(5-7)

18th- Green Bay Packers(5-6-1)

19th- Pittsburgh Steelers(5-7)

20th- Tennessee Titans(5-7)

21st- St. Louis Rams(5-7)

22nd- New York Jets(5-7)

23rd- Buffalo Bills(4-8)

24th- Oakland Raiders(4-8)

25th- Jacksonville Jaguars(3-9)

26th- Cleveland Browns(4-8)

27th- Minnesota Vikings(3-8-1)

28th- Atlanta Falcons(3-9)

29th- Tampa Bay Buccaneers(3-9)

30th- Houston Texans(2-10)


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