Numbers Never Lie; 2012 Cleveland Browns vs 2013 Cleveland Browns


A word infamously connected to former Browns head coach Pat Shurmur “Progress” is what Cleveland Browns fans want to see from year to year. While promise and hope is being shown on the field; Lets take a look at the stats to really see if the 2013 Cleveland Browns led by 1st year head coach Rob Chudzinski has improved from the 2012 Cleveland Browns led by Pat Shurmur.

Offensive stats(W/ 1 game remaining):

2012- 302 points scored(24th in NFL) with 5,028 total yards on offense(25th in NFL). 5.0 yards per play.

2013- 301 points scored(27th in NFL) with 5,130 total yards on offense(14th in NFL). 5.1 yards per play.

2012- 566 attempts(13th in NFL) 3,435 yards passing(19th in NFL), 16 TDs(28th in NFL), 18 INTs(26th in NFL).

2013- 640 attempts(1st in NFL) 3.826 yards passing(12th in NFL), 25 TDs(11th in NFL), 19 INTs(24 in NFL)

2012- 396 attempts(24th in NFL) 1,593 yards rushing(24th in NFL), 12 TDs(13th in NFL)

2013- 328(29th in NFL) 1,304 yards rushing(27th in NFL), 4 TDs(32nd in NFL)

Defensive stats(W/ 1 game remaining):

2012- 368 points allowed(19th in NFL),  5,821 yards allowed(23rd in NFL). 5.3 yards per play.

2013- 386 points allowed(23rd in NFL), 5,027 yards allowed(10th in NFL). 4.8 yards per play.

2012- 600 attempts(27th in NFL), 3,923 yards passing(25th in NFL), 27 TDs(21st in NFL), 17 INTs(11th in NFL)

2013- 574 attempts(27th in NFL), 3,366 yards passing(9th in NFL), 28 TDs(24th in NFL), 12 INTs(20th in NFL)

2012- 457 attempts(23rd in NFL), 1,898(19th in NFL), 14 TDs(21st in NFL)

2013- 433 attempts(28th in NFL), 1,661(16th in NFL), 12 TDs(15th in NFL)

The 2012 Cleveland Browns ended the season at 5-11 & with the 6th pick in the NFL draft.

The 2013 Cleveland Browns are currently 4-11 & play the Steelers in the final game.

So I want you to decide which Browns team was better based on these stats. Leave a comment below.

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