NFL Playoffs

The regular season has ended, and it’s time for the best time of the year for NFL fans. The best of the best teams are playing for the chance to raise the Lombardi trophy at the end of the year in Metlife stadium. Here are my outcomes for the upcoming playoffs


1st seed- Denver Broncos

2nd seed- New England Patriots

3rd seed- Cincinnati Bengals

4th seed- Indianapolis Colts

5th seed- Kansas City Chiefs

6th seed- San Diego Chargers

Peyton Manning is the best regular season QB in the history of the NFL. I believe that was proven this year with him breaking the single season TD record, and the single season passing yardage record. With that said though I believe the number 2 see New England Patriots will come out of the AFC and represent them in the Super Bowl. Tom Brady and Bill Belichick along with a surprisingly good running game will use their home field advantage on their side and go back to the Super Bowl.


1st seed- Seattle Seahawks

2nd seed- Carolina Panthers

3rd seed- Philadelphia Eagles

4th seed- Green Bay Packers

5th seed- San Francisco 49ers

6th seed- New Orleans Saints

In this year’s playoffs the NFC is way better than the AFC and that shows with who the 6th seed is. But with that said I will have to go with the favorites in this conference and that is the Seattle Seahawks. The team has home field advantage throughout the NFC and have one of the best if not the best defense in the entire NFL. Russell Wilson, Marshawn Lync, and their all-pro players on defense will lead this team to their 1st ever Super Bowl Appearance.

New England Patriots Vs Seattle Seahawks

While Tom Brady and Bill Belichick have the experience of being in the Super Bowl and winning it; I believe it is the year of the Seahawks. They have the ability to use their play-makers on defense to disrupt Brady, a lot more than he has been all year and especially more than any defense he will face in the playoffs.  I have the Seahawks winning the Super Bowl with QB Russell Wilson winning the MVP.

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