2009 NBA Draft Redo


With the NBA All-Star break right around the corner; I figured I would re-do the 1st round of the 2009 NBA draft based on how the players have performed throughout their career and how they are projected to improve for years to come.

1. Los Angeles Clippers- Shooting Guard James Harden(original pick; Blake Griffin). Ever since being traded from the Thunder Harden has shown that he is a superstar player and can carry a team when needed. He has been the best player in the draft so far & will be for upcoming years.

2. Memphis Grizzlies- Point Guard Stephen Curry(original pick; Hasheem Thabeet). Curry who is the leader of the up and coming Golden State Warriors will finally get to be an all-star this year. After being snubbed last year Curry has taken that leap to all-star level and could possibly be superstar level by the end of the year. Curry is also one of the best shooters in the entire NBA.

3. Oklahoma City Thunder- Power Forward Blake Griffin(Original pick; James Harden). Although Griffin missed his entire rookie year due to a knee injury, it hasn’t stopped him from being one of the best dunkers in the entire NBA. A player who has put many of opponents on posters because of his dunks has become better and better ever year in the league. While others have outperformed him in his draft class; Griffin hasn’t disappointed one bit.

4. Sacromento Kings- Point Guard Jrue Holiday(Original pick; Tyreke Evans). Holiday achieved his first all-star game appearance last year and then later traded in the off-season to the New Orleans Pelicans. Holiday who is just getting into the prime years of his life can make the upcoming all-star games for the upcoming years.

5. Minnesota Timberwolves- Point Guard Ty Lawson(Original pick; Ricky Rubio). Later on in the draft the Timberwolves selected Lawson, but eventually traded him to the Nuggets. With the use of other picks they have in the draft being able to take Lawson here & using the other picks to build around Love would have made this a championship team.

6. Minnesota Timberwolves- Point Guard Brandon Jennings(Original pick; Jonny Flynn). Although they just took a PG with the pick before, being able to have Lawson & Jennings as a back court would turn out to have been one of the best in the game. The ability of Jennings along with Lawson would have made the Timberwolves a tough opponent in the western conference.

7. Golden State Warriors- Point Guard Ricky Rubio(Original pick; Stephen Curry). While it took Rubio a few years to officially come to the NBA, he has almost been as good as advertised. His ability to pass is tops in the NBA and his shooting ability has improved throughout his years in the NBA.

8. New York Knicks- Shooting Guard DeMar DeRozan(Original pick; Jordan Hill). DeRozan is someone who has steadily improved over the years and is one of the better young shooting guards in the NBA. While the position doesn’t carry too much superstar talent as it once had, DeRozan has the chance to becoming on of the best in the NBA.

9. Toronto Raptors- Point Guard Jeff Teague(Original pick; DeMar DeRozan). Teague who took a few years to transfer his game into the NBA has been a bright spot on a not so good Hawks team this year. While they are a high seed in the east(which isn’t saying much) Teague would have definitely been a top 10 pick in the 2009 draft.

10. Milwaukee Bucks- Shooting Guard Marcus Thornton(Original pick; Brandon Jennings) Thornton is a volume scorer and one of the better 3-point shooters in the NBA. A player that has probably made the biggest jump in this draft from second round pick to being a top 10 talent. Thornton when given the opportunity has been able to score in the NBA.

11. New Jersey Nets- Shooting Guard Wesley Matthews(Original pick; Terrence Williams)

12. Charlotte Bobcats- Shooting Guard Gerald Henderson(Original pick; Gerald Henderson)

13. Indiana Pacers- Power Forawrd Taj Gipson(Original pick; Tyler Hansbrough)

14. Phoenix Suns- Point Guard Darren Collison(Original pick; Earl Clark)

15. Detroit Pistons- Power Forward Jordan Hill(Original pick; Austin Daye)

16. Chicago Bulls- Shooting Guard Wayne Ellington(Original pick; James Johnson)

17. Philadelphia 76ers- Point Guard Eric Maynor(Original pick; Jrue Holiday)

18. Minnesota Timberwolves- Small Forward Earl Clark(Original pick; Ty Lawson)

19. Atlanta Hawks- Power Forward Tyler Hansbrough(Original pick; Jeff Teague)

20. Utah Jazz- Shooting Guard Jodie Meeks(Original pick; Eric Maynor)

21. New Orleans Hornets- Small Forward Danny Green(Original pick; Darren Collison)

22. Portland Trail Blazers- Power Forward DeJaun Blair(Original pick; Victor Claver)

23. Sacramento Kings- Small Forward DeMarre Carroll(Original pick; Omri Casspi)

24. Dallas Mavericks- Point Guard Patrick Beverly(Original pick; Bryon Mullins)

25. Oklahoma City Thunder- Small Forward Chase Budinger(Original pick; Rodrigue Beaubois

26. Chicago Bulls- Point Guard Toney Douglas(Original pick; Taj Gipson)

27. Memphis Grizzlies- Small Forward Jonas Jerebko(Original pick; DeMarre Carroll)

28. Minnesota Timberwolves- Center Byron Mullins(Original pick; Wayne Ellington)

29. Los Angeles Lakers- Small Forward Alonzo Gee(Original pick; Toney Douglas)

30. Cleveland Cavaliers- Small Forward Austin Daye(Original pick; Christian Eyenga)

Make sure to leave a comment on your thoughts on this as well as giving me your opinions on how you would have re-done the 2009 NBA draft.


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