Realistic East and West All-Star Starters

Just last night the starters were announced for the 2014 NBA All-Star and some of the players that were selected by the fans have left many scratching their head.

Eastern Conference starters- Backcourt- Kyrie Irving & Dwyane Wade, Frontcourt- LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony & Paul George.

Western Conference Starters- Backcourt- Kobe Bryant & Steph Curry, Frontcourt- Kevin Durant, Blake Griffin & Kevin Love. 

There’s only a few adjustments I would make to both of the starters due to stats this season. First off the major adjustment that should be made is that fans do not get to vote for the starters. The NBA starters should come from players, coaches and teams front offices. 

The one adjustment I would make for the eastern conference is for Dwyane Wade to be out of the starting lineup and Lance Stephenson should be one of the starting guards. That is the only change in the starting lineup for the eastern conference.

For the western conference I would make two changes to the starting lineup. Obviously the first one would be with Kobe Bryant missing the all-star game and not being named and having James Harden as a starting guard. Also I would take Blake Griffin out of the lineup and put the best Power Forward in the NBA in the starting lineup and that’s LaMarcus Aldridge. 


Leave your comments on if you think the NBA should change the all-star voting for starters and who you think should be a starter and who should have been left off the starting lineup.

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