2010 NBA Draft Re-Do(top 10)

Around 10 days ago I re-did the entire 1st round of the 2009 NBA Draft. Today will be a re-do of the 2010 NBA Draft.

1- Washington Wizards- Paul George(Original pick, John Wall)- Over the last year and a half George has grown to become a superstar in this league. The way his game has continued to develop has made it clear he would be the number 1 overall pick in this draft.

2- Philadelphia 76ers- DeMarcus Cousins(Original pick, Evan Turner)- While Cousins has had plenty of documented problems in his short NBA career. It looks like this season he has calmed it down & has become one of the best Centers in the entire NBA. While I believe he was an all-star snub this year; Cousins is worthy of being the 2nd player taken in this draft.

3- New Jersey Nets- John Wall(Original pick, Derrick Favors)- Wall has been labeled as injury prone early on in his career, but has almost completely turned that around this year. Just signed the max extension(5 years) to stay with the Wizards and was named to the eastern conference all-star team for the first time as well. While Wall hasn’t lived up to the hype; He has still been & will be an all-star caliber player for years to come.

4- Minnesota Timberwolves- Lance Stephenson(Original pick, Wesley Johnson) A player widely known for giving LeBron James the choke sign(as a bench warmer) in the 2011 playoffs, Stephenson has grown into one of the better young players in the NBA. Originally a 2nd round draft pick Stephenson has grown into a potential all-star(Snubbed this year) and can be a starting guard for the next handful of years.

5- Sacromento Kings- Greg Monroe(Original pick, DeMarcus Cousins) Monroe hasn’t quite turned into the dominate big-man people projected him to be, but has slowly been improving over his years. While he has moved up in the draft; He definitely has room to improve on.

6- Golden State Warriors- Eric Bledsoe(Original pick, Ekpe Udoh) With the pick of Curry last year, the ability to have a backcourt of these two players could have become one of the best in the NBA.

7- Detroit Pistons- Larry Sanders(Original pick, Greg Monroe) The Pistons were in need of help from a post player and the ability of Larry Sanders gives them that player. While he isn’t the best big man in the draft, he is the best available & an upgrade for the Pistons.

8-  Los Angeles Clippers- Evan Turner(Original pick, Al-Farouq Aminu) While the drop off from pick 2 to 8 is significant; Turner is still a top 10 player from this draft. The potential for Turner to still be good is their and would be a great fit on the Clippers.

9- Utah Jazz- Derrick Favors(Original pick, Gordon Hayward) Favors who eventually was traded to the Jazz(for Deron Williams) would have been a gift to the Jazz organization being able to just draft him. Favors would had been a good addition to have possibly kept Williams in a Jazz uniform as well.

10- Indiana Pacers- Gordon Hayward(Original pick, Paul George) A player who led his college team to two straight NCAA March Madness championship games(Lost in both) Hayward has gradually become a steady & permanent starting in the NBA.

Give me your thoughts on how you would have re-done this draft/a pick.

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