2014 NBA All-Star Weekend

This upcoming weekend is one of the best for anyone who is a fan of the NBA or even a fan of just good entertainment. Starting tonight we get treated to the Celebrity game held on ESPN. This year we see ESPN colleagues Jalen Rose & Bill Simmons coach each team full of celebrities, former players and other ESPN employees. Which can be seen tonight on ESPN at 7pm(Eastern Time).

Once that game goes final, around 9pm(Eastern Time) on TNT we are treated the BBVA Rising Stars game. This game is a collection of the best 1st and 2nd year players in the NBA. Coached by former players Chris Webber & Grant Hill they look to showcase the brightest and young stars of today.

Team Webber- Anthony Davis, Michael-Carter Williams, Tim Hardaway Jr, Trey Burke, Jared Sullinger, Mason Plumlee, Victor Oladipo, Steven Adams & Kelly Olynyk.

Team Hill- Damian Lillard- Bradley Beal, Andre Drummond, Harrison Barnes, Terrence Jones, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Jonas Valanciunas, Dion Waiters & Miles Plumlee.

Saturday night is for the players who want to show off their skills that don’t always get to be seen in regular season and postseason basketball games. The fun a festivities begin at 8:30pm(Eastern Time) on TNT and begins with the Sears Shooting Stars. In this event you have two teams from the Eastern Conference and two teams from the Western Conference.

Eastern Conference teams- Tim Hardaway Jr, Tim Hardaway Sr, Elena Delle Donne

Chris Bosh, Dominique Wilkins, Swin Cash(Defending champs)

Western Conference teams- Steph Curry, Dell Curry, Becky Hammon

Kevin Durant, Karl Malone, Skylar Diggins

After the completion of the Sears Shooting Stars we then proceed to the Taco Bell Skills Challenge. Also just like the Sears Shooting Stars we have a team from the Eastern Conference and Western Conference.

Eastern Conference teams- Team one- Giannis Antetokounmpo, DeMar DeRozan

Team two- Michael Carter-Williams, Victor Oladipo

Western Conference teams- Team one- Trey Burke, Damian Lillard(Defending champ)

Team two- Goran Dragic, Reggie Jackson

Following this event is the start of basically the co-main event of the evening. We get treated to the Foot Locker Three-Point Contest. Where we have four players from the Eastern Conference and four players from the Western Conference.

Eastern Conference members- Aaron Afflao, Bradley Beal, Kyrie Irving(Defending champ), Joe Johnson

Western Conference members- Marco Belinelli, Stephen Curry, Damian Lillard, Kevin Love

At the conclusion of the three-point contest we have the most “All-Star” studded dunk contest since the late 80s. And just like the other events we have three players from the Eastern Conference and three players from the Western Conference.

Eastern Conference players- Paul George, John Wall, Terrence Ross(Defending Champ)

Western Conference players- Harrison Barnes, Damian Lillard, Ben McLemore

*For the first time ever in All-Star Weekend History one player(Damian Lillard) is competing in all three individual events.*

Then we have Sunday night; Where the best players in the entire NBA lace up their shoes, get on the court and put on a show for all the fans. It’s the 63rd NBA All-star Live on TNT at 8pm(Eastern Time) and it’s being held in the Smoothie King Center(Home of the New Orleans Pelicans).  The Western Conference has won the game for the past three seasons; Will they win for the fourth straight year this year?

Eastern Conference starters- Kyrie Irving, Dwyane Wade, Lebron James, Carmelo Anthony, Paul George

Western Conference starters- James Harden(Replacing Kobe Bryant), Steph Curry, Kevin Durant, Blake Griffin, Kevin Love

Eastern Conference reserves- Joakim Noah, Roy Hibbert, Chris Bosh, Paul Millsap, John Wall, Joe Johnson & DeMar DeRozan

Western Conference reserves- Dwight Howard, LaMarcus Aldridge, Dirk Nowitzki, Chris Paul, Tony Parker, Damian Lillard, Anthony Davis.

Here are my predictions for the winners of all of the events and ultimately the All-Star game winner as well.

BBVA Rising Stars Challenge- Team Hill(Andre Drummond, MVP)

Sears Shooting Stars- Western Conference(Steph Curry, Dell Curry & Becky Hammon)

Taco Bell Skills Challenge- Western Conference(Trey Burke)

Foot Locker Three-Point Contest- Eastern Conference(Bradley Beal)

Sprite Slam Dunk Contest- Western Conference(Harrison Barnes)

All-Star Game- Western Conference(Anthony Davis, MVP)

**Don’t forget to fill out the polls on who you think will win the challenges during All-star Saturday night & also who you think will win the game and ultimately the MVP.**

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