Elimination Chamber 2014

Tonight is the final PPV before the biggest event of the year; WrestleMania 30. Starting at 8pm eastern time, 5pm pacific time the WWE universe gets treated to the Elimination Chamber PPV. In this PPV we see current WWE World Heavyweight Champion and the face of the WWE Randy Orton take on 5 other opponents, Sheamus, Christian, Cesaro, John Cena & Daniel Bryan in an Elimination Chamber match. Other matches on the card are Titus O’Neal Vs Darren Young, Intercontinental Champion Big E defending his belt Vs Jack Swagger, Tag Team Champions New Age Outlaws Vs The Usos for the belt, Batista Vs Del Rio, The Shield Vs The Wyatt Family and the match on the kick-off show is The Rhodes Brothers Vs Curtis Axel & Ryback.

Match predictions

Kick-off show

The Rhodes Brothers Vs Curtis Axel & Ryback- After losing their Tag Team belts to The New Age Outlaws, Cody & Dustin have taken a step back as far as title picture is concerned in the tag team division. While it seems like Curtis Axel and Ryback are going nowhere anytime soon I think we might see a push for one of those two superstars. Both in the past have had some success; They both have ended in strange ways with no signs of picking back up. I think we see The Rhodes Brothers win tonight, but I believe we see Curtis Axel get yet another push that this time he deserves.

The Shield Vs The Wyatt Family- This could be the best match of the night, but I do believe this is the most anticipated match for the fans in attendance and the viewers at home. It has been rumored for awhile now that The Shield will be breaking up shortly, but no one knows exactly when that will happen. While the Wyatt Family is a group that will be together much longer after this PPV. The leader of The Shield Roman Reigns could possibly have the WWE universe in the palm of his hands coming off of the performance he had at last month’s Royal Rumble PPV. Could we possibly be watching the new face of the WWE in this very match being Roman Reigns?? I don’t completely seeing an entire breakup of The Shield tonight; I do believe we see The Wyatt Family win this match.

Batista Vs Del Rio- I guess we could call this a rivalry(Okay, maybe not much, but just play along). Once Batista’s return was announced earlier this year; Del Rio took to twitter to basically call out “The Animal” with the obvious response back Batista took a shot back towards Del Rio. Now for the last few weeks on Raw Del Rio and Batista have had some encounters that had led to this match between the two. To go off on something completely not relevant to this match for a few sentences. Batista is a big name & has a fanbase, but has come back to the WWE at the wrong time. With the likes of Daniel Bryan and CM Punk(who has took his ball and gone home) leading the WWE universe; Someone like Batista is not and has not gone over well. While I don’t mind him being back, he has just picked the wrong time for his comeback to happen(Now back to the match). Batista wins, while the fans are not involved or care about the match.

Titus O’Neal Vs Darren Young- Former tag team partners for the Prime Time Players O’Neal and Young recently spilt to focus on their singles career. While it wasn’t a lets say good luck to either other and still be friends spilt; they ultimately decided to not team anymore with O’Neal becoming the “bad guy”. With this being possibly their only chance at getting over with the WWE universe as single competitors I think we see a very good match between these two former friends. Give me Titus O’Neal with the win.

Intercontinental Champion Big E Vs Jack Swagger- Since winning the Intercontinental belt back on November 18th 2013 Big E has had very few title defenses. But tonight he defends his belt against one of Zeb Colter’s men Jack Swagger. While Swagger was with Colter 1st, the other member associated with Colter has gained much more popularity with the WWE universe than Swagger. I believe Big E is one of the bright young stars in the WWE and has a great future ahead of him. Big E retains his title tonight and beats Jack Swagger.

Tag Team Champions The New Age Outlaws Vs The Usos- Just like Big E the Usos are one of the younger stars in the WWE. With them picking up a lot of steam with the WWE universe with their ability inside the ring and with their interactive entrance. Jimmy and Jey have been able to follow in their fathers footsteps(Rikishi) and make a name for themselves. With Road Dogg & Billy Gunn having a final run with the WWE this match pits one of the better tag teams of all time against one of the best current tag teams. While I believe this rivalry goes onto WrestleMania 30 for the both teams to have their big “WrestleMania moments” I will go with The Usos to win and become the new Tag Team Champions.

Main Event- The Elimination Chamber match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Sheamus Vs Christian Vs Cesaro Vs John Cena Vs Daniel Bryan Vs Reigning Champ Randy Orton. With the deck stacked against current champion Randy Orton this match really has no clear cut winner, but I do believe it has a clear cut loser. With being WWE World Heavyweight Champion you are basically also given the title of “Face of the WWE” which means Christian is not going to win this match at all. Which in my eyes can also rule out Sheamus for the time being and Cesaro. While Cesaro has gain a lot of popularity in the last few weeks with the WWE universe his time is just not right now. But I do foresee him having a big WrestleMania moment(fan chants included) in help his push for the rest of the year. Which leaves Cena, Bryan & Orton as all possible winners for this match. With Bryan having the edge with being the biggest name right now(Yes, bigger than Cena with the fans) Bryan has a very good chance of winning tonight. Cena has his history of winning these matches which allows him to headline yet another WrestleMania against Batista(Royal Rumble Winner). And Orton who has been given the title of “Face of the WWE” thanks to “The Authority”. While his name is big, I just don’t see how officials within the WWE can continue to go with Orton as the champion and have a match(as of now) at WrestleMania 30 be Orton Vs Batista as the main event. BUT with that just being said I think we see them trying to force something that is not there and we see Orton retain his title and win tonight’s elimination Chamber match.


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