2014 Elimination Chamber Recap

The final PPV before WrestleMania 30 has come and gone, and the night ended like the last few PPVs(Since I believe SummerSlam) in disappointment, and the crowd not leaving happy or getting what they want. Ever since HHH gave Randy Orton the belt at SummerSlam the WWE universe has been given the same ending to the countless PPVs between then and now. Orton is in the main event match and ends up the winner. Which ultimately leaves the fans in attendance with basically no reaction besides disappointment, some with anger and even with fans leaving the area by booing or other types of chanting not favorable to the WWE officials. With the PPV going to a close tonight; Michael Cole rants about Daniel Bryan being screwed(once again), and shows the faces of many fans with not happy with the final result. While other matches exceeded expectations, along with individual performers, the main event was as predictable as watching Wile E. Coyote chase The Road Runner. Which leaves WWE fans wondering how much hype does this year’s WrestleMania main event really have, if any? As of now we have former Evolution members Batista(Royal Rumble winner) Vs Randy Orton(WWE World Heavyweight Champion)….which at any moment could be hijacked by the fans if not given exactly what they want.

Match of the night- The Shield Vs The Wyatt Family

In a match that started off with the fans chanting “This is Awesome” before anything even happened this match lived up to and exceeded expectations. A battle between the two best factions in the WWE today gave the fans in attendance and watching at home everything they wanted. With a crowd that was completely split on who they were cheering for; this could end up being one of the best rivalries if given enough time to develop.  While most fans are expecting a breakup of The Shield to happen prior to WrestleMania 30; A rivalry that last longer than WrestleMania 30 would make up for some of the recent mistakes HHH & the WWE have done these past few months. With one of those major mistakes being bringing back Batista(which I will touch on in just a bit). But continuing something that the WWE universe has been dying to see will be something that fans will not have any backlash towards.

Worst match of the night- Batista Vs Del Rio

Besides the Divas Championship match that was thrown together to fill time(Doesn’t count) the match between Batista and Del Rio was the worst of the night. With it starting off with Del Rio pretending to be hurt and ending with the boring finish. This match was left in the hands of the fans in the arena on how they wanted it to go and they had no interest in the match at all. At different points in the match you could hear chants for CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, RVD, We want Lesnar & even them calling Batista “Bootista”. Throughout the match the fans were cheering for Del Rio and booing whenever Batista did anything of relevance to get the upper hand. While Batista is a big name that has made his return to the WWE; It has been at the absolute wrong time.


With this being the last PPV until WrestleMania 30; They still have well over a month until the biggest event of the year takes place(42 days). With plenty of matches still up in the air some things became a tad bit clearer tonight. One of those being that the possible main event between Randy Orton Vs Batista being one of the worst of all time. But we did get to see a preview of what we might see at WM30 with the Wyatt Family interfering in the main event and cost John Cena his chance at becoming WWE World Heavyweight Champ. We also got to see the WWE universe continue their support for superstars like Cesaro, Big E and The Usos. While this was not the best PPV in the recent months the lead up to WM 30 could be something we all can enjoy.

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