2/24/14 Monday Night Raw Preview

The road to WrestleMaina 30 is in full swing following the conclusion of the Elimination Chamber, and tonight will be just as exciting and possibly even more with the endless possibilities that can happen. Live from Green Bay, Wisconsin the WWE universe gets to see the return of the immortal one Hulk Hogan(Gone since 2007) as he is this year’s WM30 host. Unknown if he will accompany him to the ring, but Jimmy “the mouth of the south” Hart could be making a return with Hogan as well. Two big rumors for tonight’s show is another return and this time by the phenom The Undertaker & The Nature Boy Ric Flair(Rumored…nothing confirmed). But enough with the rumors let’s get down to the real business on what tonight might and should hold for WWE fans.

With Randy Orton successfully defending his WWE World Heavyweight Championship last night(thanks to The Wyatt Family and Corporate Kane) he is now set to defend that title in the main event at WM30 against Batista. Last night also set up other possibly matches at WM30 including  John Cena vs Bray Wyatt and Daniel Bryan against someone within The Authority. We are believed to see a rematch from last night’s PPV between The New Age Outlaws and The Usos; With the belts being on the line once again. Also we could have a rematch from the best match from last night between The Shield & The Wyatt Family.

Tonight puts the magic number to 41 days until the biggest event of the year takes place in New Orleans, and with the launch of the new WWE Network there should be nothing but a spectacular night ahead for WWE fans around the world.

3 thoughts on “2/24/14 Monday Night Raw Preview

  1. It’s frustrating that Monday Night RAW will probably have more action that the PPV that went the night before. EC provided some exciting moments but fans are waiting and holding out for an answer to their pleas on RAW tonight. YES! the want Undertaker, YES! the want to see Hogan but most of all, YES! they want to see a way in for Bryan at Mania.

    1. I agree. Its also frustrating as a fan when they continue to go with the same ending these past PPVs knowing the reaction they are going to get. YES! some sort of change needs to be made and hopefully those changes can start tonight.

      1. The notes on nearly every ppv for the last year have been, Orton retains, Bryan gets screwed over. Its boring, right now i would take anyone else as champion just to shake things up a bit!

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