2-24-14 Raw Recap

A night full of Superstar returns has come to end on Monday Night Raw. On a day that started off with the launch of the new WWE Network(With some difficulties) ended with the phenom The Undertaker returning to the WWE to face the beast Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 30. But the return of the Undertaker was not the only big return the WWE universe was treated to tonight.

Tonight’s big Raw on the road to WrestleMania 30 began even before 8pm when the WWE Network had their first RAW pre-show from 7:30-8pm. Once the show went live the return of Hulk Hogan became real and him hosting WM 30 is in full force. After Hogan’s return the WWE universe was treated to a rematch from last night’s Elimination Chamber between Batista & Alberto Del Rio. The match ended with Randy Orton coming out to distract his WM30 opponent Batista which allowed Del Rio to get the victory. Words were exchanged between the two WM30 opponents with not much fan reaction for either superstar.

The next match tonight put Intercontinental Champion Big E one on one with Cesaro; With most of the fans in attendance rooting for Cesaro to pick up the victory. The match would end via DQ as Jack Swagger(Cesaro’s partner) attacked Big E in the middle of the ring. Tension grew between The Real Americans, but violence occurred between those them. Following this match we say two competitors from last night’s Elimination Chamber match go one on one; Sheamus & Christian. A match that went back and forth for one of the longer matches on Raw tonight. Sheamus won the match with the Brogue kick on Christian as he jumped off the top rope.

Then we get a pre-recorded event from earlier in the day featuring The Authority, Renee Young and eventually Daniel Bryan. HHH & Stephanie McMahon come out of a limo with bodyguards around them, and Renee Young asks them about the launch of the WWE Network. Daniel Bryan interrupts in a furious manner and ultimately challenges HHH to a match at WM30 which is quickly shot down and laughed at by HHH. Bryan is informed of his match later on that night against the man who cost him the WWE World Heavyweight Championship last night. Bryan defeats Corporate Kane, and grabs the mic. Bryan talks about the WWE universe and the YES movement that is going on. He ends his promo by once again challenging HHH to a match at WM30.

Time filler matches between Emma & Summer Rae, and another rematch from last night’s PPV between The New Age Outlaws & The Usos took place, but for only a short time.  The final match of the night put Roman Reigns against Bray Wyatt; With the thought that The Shield and The Wyatt Family would stay away from ringside. After a good back and forth match the lights go out and the Wyatt Family appear outside the ring staring at Reigns. Out of nowhere Seth Rollins comes flying over the top rope onto Luke Harper & Erik Rowan. After storming out on the Shield earlier in the night Dean Ambrose comes to help Rollins against Harper & Rowan, and then eventually attacks Bray Wyatt to cause a DQ. Both groups battle in the ring until the Shield are standing alone in the ring as the Wyatt’s go back up the ramp.

Tonight’s conclusion has set-up for a potential great WM30 match. Paul Heyman occupied by Brock Lesnar make their Raw return to talk about what they want in a WM30 match. According to Heyman the Authority has allowed to give Lesnar an open contract to face anyone he wants at WM30. Heyman repeatedly mentioned the word “history” which in the ends means one thing. The lights go out, the bells toll and the Phenom emerges from the back. The Undertaker makes his way to the ring; Not taking his eyes off of Lesnar and Lesnar not taking his eyes off the Undertaker. Lesnar signs the open contract, and hands the pend over to the Undertaker to sign. Undertaker “stabs” Lesnar’s hand with the pen and chokeslammed him through the table. We end tonight with Lesnar on the mat and Undertaker ready for his chance to go to 22-0 at WM30.

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