WrestleMania Fans; Do They Choose The Next Star?

All die-hard wrestling fans know that you have to expect the unexpected when it comes to the fans in attendance at WrestleMania, and especially at Raw the night after. Fans come from all over the world for those two nights of non-stop action. They get their money worth inside the ring and even more with the chants we here live on TV.

One of today’s biggest stars has the crowd from WrestleMania 28 & the Raw crowd the following night to thank for his success. And “YES” that man is Daniel Bryan. One of the strangest moments(In a good way) I can remember to start off a PPV event. World Heavyweight Champion, and “heel” Daniel Bryan accompanied by WWE Diva AJ Lee was heavily cheered during his entrance, and his short 18 second match against Sheamus(who won). While Bryan lost the match he won the fans by his simple chant of “yes”. Fans throughout the arena chanted, held signs and towels that said “yes”. Then the phenomenon continued the very next night on Raw, and has never stopped since.

This past year at WrestleMania 29 we saw the beginning to what could have been a revolution and at the time it was but has recently lost it’s traction and is not as big as it once was. That is “Fandangoing”; The art of pointing your index fingers into the air and singing Fandango’s theme song. Just like with Bryan it all started with the crowd at WM 29, and his match against veteran Chris Jericho. But unlike Bryan Fandango won his match against Jericho which made the chanting/Fandangoing even more enjoyable to watch. The following night on Raw the same exact thing happened, but was better. Throughout the entire show and mainly when Fandango came out the crowd went nuts. While his run as of late has stalled, the fans still do the Fandango and sing his theme music.

With WrestleMania 30 37 days away and the Raw the night after 38 days away it brings up the question, Who will be the next superstar to get a push thanks to the fans in attendance. While we won’t know the answer until the show begins here are my thoughts on who we might see that be.

Cesaro- After competing in the Elimination Chamber for the WWE World Heavyweight Champion; Cesaro has been going over well with the WWE Universe. With his Cesaro swing that move engages fans to count the rotations, along with his “We The People” alliance with Jack Swagger and manager Zeb Colter.

Roman Reigns- One of the brighest young stars on the WWE and power of The Shield. The WrestleMania crowd & Raw crowd might “hijack” the show in favor of Reigns. With his unlimited potential to be the next big thing in the WWE fans are already showing they are behind Reigns with his Superman punch, spear and even triple powerbomb with the help of the other members of The Shield.

Dolph Ziggler- Someone who had a similar push last year at WrestleMania can see himself back into the limelight with the fans once again. A major push that has been rumored to have been stopped a few months back because of comments made about company officials. Ziggler could be back into the spotlight all because the fans love “the Show-off”.

The Usos- With their interactive entrance Jimmy & Jey have a lot of steam behind them going into the big event. With a potential title match at WM30 the Usos might become the biggest tag team in the WWE. While the tag team division hasn’t been as big as during the attitude era, it is making a little bit of a comeback, and can have the Usos leading that charge.

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