3-3-14 Raw Preview

The road to WrestleMania 30 continues tonight with Monday Night Raw live from Chicago, Illinois. The home of current or former(we don’t know) superstar CM Punk. And tonight’s entire show will revolve around him. Whether he is making his comeback tonight or staying at home everyone in attendance and watching at home will be wondering what will Punk do tonight.

Plenty of speculation has gone on within the past few days stating that Punk will return tonight in his hometown; While others are stating that he will not be returning and is done(for now) with the WWE. The only certain thing about the situation is that the only person that knows for sure what is going to happen tonight is Punk himself. Tonight’s Raw could be one of the best(for fans) and one of the worst for WWE officials. Either way Raw is a can’t miss, and will be leaving plenty of people wanting more especially with WM30 34 days away.

But Punk isn’t the only big thing that could or couldn’t happen tonight. Rumored for a second week in a row is Brock Lesnar with Paul Heyman, and his WM30 opponent Undertake is also rumored for tonight. The WWE universe also get to see an Elimination Chamber rematch between The Shield and The Wyatt Family. The WWE universe could also get more news on the possible injury or non-injury of superstar John Cena. Tonight’s Raw also has Need For Speed & Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul as special guest host. But the WWE universe is not expected to see WM 30 host Hulk Hogan tonight.

Besides having no Hogan tonight it looks like WWE officials are trying to pull out all the stops so they can “fight” the “CM Punk” chants that will be loud and clear throughout the arena tonight. With Punk the show will be hijacked with his return, and without Punk the show could be hijacked. I could see tonight being a great night for a fans and the universe, but one that the WWE officials want to get over with as soon as possible.

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