3-3-14 Raw Recap

Raw from Chicago has ended and it has some split reaction when it comes to how the entire show played out. Plenty of fans via twitter have voiced either their displeasure of tonight’s Raw or have on the other hand stated they liked how Raw went tonight. The WWE Universe has not seen Chicago’s own CM Punk ever since he was elimination in the Royal Rumble last month. This past week was full of rumors and speculation on whether or not he would make his grand return in his home town.

Tonight’s beginning put viewers at home on the edge of their seats & had everyone in the arena standing with anticipation of the return of Punk. His theme song hits, a few minutes go by with just his song playing and no sign of Punk, but out from behind the curtains the universe sees Paul Heyman. Heyman wants down to the ring with Punk’s entrance music, gets into the ring and lets the fans chant “CM Punk” without saying a word. Just like Punk, Heyman sat with his legs crossed in the center of the ring to speak, and dropped what he called “His own pipebomb”. Heyman had the universe in the palm of hands with every word he was saying, and just like that turned it on to the universe. Blaming them for Punk being absent from Raw and for Punk leaving Heyman after losing to Undertaker at last year’s WrestleMania. Which led Heyman to talking about WrestleMania 30 and bringing out Brock Lesnar. Lesnar cuts a quite promo(where he talks) and they leave until Mark Henry comes out to get payback on Lesnar. While it’s a different night Henry got the same result and Lesnar F-5’d Henry through the announce table. While Lesnar was destroying the announce table it has been reported that one of the monitor’s thrown by Lesnar actually made it into the stands. Tonight’s Raw has started off with a bang thanks to Heyman & Lesnar. And the energy continued with the first match of the night.

The New Age Outlaws put their Tag Team titles on the line against The Usos. For the second straight week on Raw we see these two team fight, but this time for the belt which is a rematch from Elimination Chamber. The result was different tonight as The Usos were crowned new Tag Team Champions. After that match the universe was given another rematch from last week’s Raw between Big E & Cesaro. The universe was behind Cesaro this match especially after his Cesaro swing(10 times on Big E), but the match quickly ended with Jack Swagger once again interfering in this match. Tempers flared between Cesaro & Swagger for the second week, but nothing happened.

The best match of the night ends the first hour of Raw on a high night with the rematch from Elimination Chamber between The Shield & The Wyatt Family. Just like at the PPV, the entire arena was chanting “This is awesome” before any action happened between the two teams. Seth Rollins was on a mission to steal the show tonight, and at the beginning of the match he did just that. But the Wyatt family has shown they are a better team, and have no problems with the members unlike the Shield has shown over the past few months. During tonight’s match both Dean Ambrose & Roman Reigns were busy on the outside to receive a tag from Rollins which only fueled the fire to how the match would end. Later on during the match Ambrose was looking to tag in Rollins while at the last moment Rollins jumped down & avoided Ambrose’s tag. Rollins walks up the ramp until Reigns tries to bring him back to the ring, but was told no and the match turned to a 3 on 2 handicap match with Rollins watching from the ramp. Reigns who had the universe completely behind him hit his signature moves on all the members of the Wyatt family, but was not enough as Bray Wyatt pinned Ambrose in the middle of the ring.

In my opinion the first hour of Raw was exactly what they need to do so the fans wouldn’t “hijack” the show with “CM Punk” chants the entire time, but the second hour of the show was a completely different story. The universe sees matches between Santino Marella & Emma vs Fandango & Summer Rae, Sheamus & Christian, & The Bella Twins vs Alicia Fox & Aksana. This is when the fans could have & should have “hijacked” the show with nothing but “CM Punk” chants & “booing”, but barely any of that was done, but down the home stretch is where things got interesting.

For the first time on Raw Daniel Bryan makes an appearance to a huge ovation, and calls out HHH. Out comes HHH & Stephanie McMahon and the second best promo of the night begins. Bryan once again challenges HHH to a match at WM 30, but of course was quickly denied. Both Stephanie & HHH were basically drowned out by the amount of “boos” the wwe universe were giving them. The fans did not disappoint with their “YES” chants during the segment either and even had a few “CM Punk” chants as well. After the promo the universe finally got to see special guest Aaron Paul for the first time & only time tonight on Raw with fan favorite Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler took on Del Rio in a match that was pro Ziggler, but could have been better. Earlier in the night the fans made their voice heard by chanting “We Want Ziggler”, but during the match as they cheered for Ziggler the chants weren’t as loud.

For the second time this night Big E was in a match, but this time it’s against Jack Swagger, and you guessed it Cesaro immediately interfered in the match to cost Swagger. The two men then had a back & forth with some pushing along the way until Zeb Colter asked for them to hug it out. While they did hug it out they made it awkward enough to leave room for Cesaro to be breaking free from “We The People” and becoming a fan favorite.

The night is coming close to the end and the universe has seen no Punk, no Randy Orton and no John Cena, until now. Cena comes out with a taped knee and cuts a promo(again) on how the new comers have to come through him which gets interrupted by the Wyatt Family with their promo on the jumbotron. They then set up for the main event of the night Daniel Bryan vs Batista. Before going to break WWE World Heavyweight champion Randy Orton offers Batista some good luck in his match.

Before the match starts Orton comes out to sit ringside, and is treated to a loud amount of boos. Batista just like Orton gets the same boos, but Bryan(like every Raw) gets the loudest pop from the crowd. Yet another good match by Bryan as fans continue to show their displeasure for Batista with chants of “Bootista” and “You cant’ wrestle”. The match is good mix of back & forth until Batista throws Bryan into Orton who is sitting ringside. Just moments later Orton attacks Bryan in the ring to give him the win. Strangely enough Orton doesn’t go after Batista until after the match, but is unsuccessful on his RKO attempt and gets thrown into a running knee by Bryan. Which leads to HHH, Stephanie & Kane to come out to the ring and get involved in the match that’s already over. Bryan attacks Kane and has Kane fall onto HHH. Bryan is on the verge of going throw the ropes and attacking both Kane & HHH until Batista spears him. Both Kane & HHH rush the ring as Bryan lays motionless. HHH grabs the mic gets into the face of Bryan and says ” I’m tired of your fantasy crap” which leads to Bryan kicking HHH in the head. Batista gives Bryan the Batista Bomb which is then followed by a Pedigree from HHH. Raw ends with HHH, Stephanie & Kane standing over Bryan, and it leaves the universe wanting more and especially wanting CM Punk.

Tonight’s entire Raw was based around one man, the hometown hero CM Punk. As everyone knows tonight would have been the night for his return to the WWE after walking out & going home the night after the Royal Rumble. While Josh Matthews on the Raw Pre-Show mentioned him & Heyman did in the opening segment his name was not said anymore the rest of the night by anyone working for the WWE. While Chicago wanted Punk, and the entire WWE universe wanted Punk his absence leaves fans even more worried about the main event at WM 30.


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