Top WWE Returns

For the past couple of months the WWE universe has been treated to the return of RVD, Batista & other past superstars coming back for yet another run. It has made me think about other past superstars that I would enjoy seeing back in a WWE ring, and I believe most if not all of these you the reader would agree with.

Jeff Hardy- The charismatic enigma has not been in a WWE ring since 2009 is one of the biggest names TNA has. A superstar who was a fan favorite during his time in the WWE had plenty of legal & drugs problems during his WWE career. Now at the age of 36 the high flying superstar could be set to return once his contract is officially up with TNA. Hardy would immediately be yet again a fan favorite and be one more big name that could fight for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

Kurt Angle- The Olympic gold medalist has a storied wrestling career with both WWE & TNA. Recently inducted into the TNA hall of fame; Angle has an expiring contract this September. At the age of 45 and plenty of injuries to show for it Angle is on his final few years of full time wrestling & could want to showcase that on a bigger stage than TNA. WWE would be more than willing to bring back Angle into the title picture once again for the next couple years. While Angle isn’t what he used to be he can most certainly be a great entertainer when he returns to the WWE.

Bobby Lashley- The last time Bobby Lashley was seen in a WWE ring was in 2008 & was one of the better fighters the WWE had. The combination of power & speed Lashley could almost do it all in a WWE ring. Someone who took a similar rout like Brock Lesnar; Lashley has focused his career in mixed martial arts. With nothing ever being rumored on him ever returning to the WWE. Me personally would enjoy seeing Lashley back in a WWE ring.

John Morrison- A wrestler who had almost more names than he had title reigns; John Morrison at the end of his time had plenty of fan support behind him. Someone who wouldn’t be put into the main event level, but Morrison would give the WWE a mid card performer that could carry the middle of the show going into the main event. Morrison was last seen in 2011, and with it being around 3 years since he’s been gone I think the WWE universe would love to see a return of Morrison.

Shane McMahon- The son of Vince McMahon has put on some of the best matches any WWE fan has ever seen & obviously he is not a wrestler. McMahon has removed himself from the WWE since 2010 to focus on other avenues of business not associated with his family. With WrestleMania 30 right around the corner no word has been mention on whether or not he will make an appearance. An appearance that would hopefully not be a one time thing. At the age of 44 & have already starting a family McMahon might not do things he did in the past, but his presence alone would make the arena go insane.


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