My Top 3 Free Agents For The Cleveland Browns

The NFL free agency period starts Saturday(Tomorrow) March 8th & 12pm; GMs all around the league can start picking up the phone, call agents & get “their guy” before anyone else. The Cleveland Browns have the 3rd most cap space available this offseason along with a number of picks in the upcoming Draft in May. A number a holes need to filled via free agency and the draft after another losing season(4-12). New GM Ray Farmer along with new head coach Mike Pettine need to finally turn this town from a Browns town into a winning Browns town. And the way that starts is by landing impact players that fill holes through free agency.

Top 3 Free Agents

1- Aqib Talib(28 years old)- A player who had some troubled years with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Talib has turned his career around ever since he was traded to the New England Patriots. Now a free agent Talib is the cornerback available and will receive top CB money. With the potential loss of TJ Ward to the secondary and not another solid corner to pair with shutdown corner Joe Haden; Talib could ultimately be a perfect fit for the Browns. With defensive minded head coach Pettine Talib would immediately strengthen the entire defense by shutting down his side of the field.

2- Emmanuel Sanders(26 years old)- Make your team better while weaken one of your biggest rivals, and that’s exactly what this move would do for the Browns. Star WR Josh Gordon had a breakout season in just 14 games, and is poised to have even a better season this year. With either current QB Brian Hoyer or a rookie through the draft the NFL is a passing league and as an offense you need more than just one WR to be successful. Sanders has shown in his short time in the NFL that he can become a very good number 2 WR. Improving in almost every year in the NFL Sanders is on track on having his first career thousand yards receiving in the upcoming years. The Brown have lacked the ability to strike fear in a defense via the passing game since ’07 and paring Sanders with Gordon & Tight End Jordan Cameron could be the start of a nice passing game.

3- Darren McFadden(26 years old)- Someone who was full of potential coming out of college Darren McFadden has been slown down(every year) by injuries. Since entering the league in 2008 McFadden has not been able to play an entire 16 game schedule for the Oakland Raiders. While that is not something you want to read about for a potential starting running back the fact that his ability to run past defenders & run through defenders can’t be questioned. McFadden has shown when healthy he can produce like a top RB in the NFL. The only thing holding him back is staying healthy for an entire season. The Browns shocked the world early last season when they traded former 1st round pick Trent Richardson to the Indianapolis Colts for a 1st round pick in the 2014 NFL Draft. Since then the Browns had absolutely no running game all season long. With the possible return of injured RB Dion Lewis(not an every down back) & a hopefully signing of Darren McFadden the Browns offense would be more balanced than it has been for years.

Leave comments on who your top 3 free agents are for the Cleveland Browns.

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