3/10/14 Raw Recap

Tonight’s Raw was one of the best in the last couple of weeks & will be hard to top with just a few more left until WrestleMania 30 is here. Live from Memphis, Tennessee the show kicks off with Hulk Hogan’s big announcement. Hogan announces that at WM30 that there will be a 30-man battle royal called the Andre The Giant memorial, and the winner receives an Andre The Giant trophy. During the announcement John Cena “interrupts” the announcement to be in the ring with Hogan. At the time Cena is the first to put his name into the 30-man battle royal. Just shortly after Bray Wyatt & his family ruin the whole thing & cut a stellar promo on Cena & Hogan. Which officials draws Cena’s name out of the battle royal and has Cena challenge Bray Wyatt to a match at WM30.

The opening match of the night sees John Cena Vs Erik Rowan(Originally Luke Harper). Cena wins the match with a roll-up pin, and we see Hogan & Cena in the ring staring down the Wyatt Family(No altercation made). The WWE Universe then gets yet another match between Big E and one half of the Real Americans Jack Swagger. With Cesaro & Zeb Colter at ringside, and Cesaro letting Swagger fight this match on his own due to recent trouble the past few weeks. Swagger loses the match to Big E and his frustration continues with Cesaro. The tension rise after the match, but good ole Colter makes the two shake hands.

The universe is then treated to an appearance by the phenom the Undertaker as he makes his “announcement”. Which ended up being yet again another great promo by Paul Heyman. Heyman is one of the best managers of all time & one of the best on the mic in WWE history. Once Heyman is done talking the Undertaker makes it known that he wanted Brock Lesnar to know that at WM30 he will “Rest In Peace”.

As a sign of unity the Shield members Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns were given a chance to show that they are stronger than ever with a match against Cody Rhodes & Goldust. Even though you have the two fan favorites from the Shield in the match it appeared that the fans weren’t totally into the match. In the end the Shield win & show that they are still together & have no signs of breaking up. The universe was treated to a match between Ryback & Curtis Axel and the tag team champions The Usos with The New Age Outlaws on commentary. As expected the Usos win the non-title match while the Outlaws watched from ringside. Another tag team match was The Bella’s Vs AJ Lee & Tamina. Surprising a good match between these four divas ended with Nikki Bella hitting her finisher on WWE Divas champion AJ Lee.

Something that can be marked down as “you have never seen this before” happened tonight with the one and only Daniel Bryan. Bryan’s objected was to “Occupy Raw” by not leaving the ring until he got what he wanted. Bryan even brought members from the “Yes Movement”(audience members) into the ring & to surround the ring and basically “hijack raw”. The show goes to commercial & when they return the movement turned into hundreds of fans in the ring & around the ring in support of Daniel Bryan. HHH & Stephanie McMahon do their best to not give Bryan what he wants & to leave the ring, but with no luck. Bryan demands a match with HHH & the “occupy Raw” will end. The challenge is ultimately accepted from HHH and the match is one. Daniel Bryan vs HHH at WM30; But that’s not it. Bryan added a stipulation that IF he wins his match against HHH he turns the WM30 main event into a triple threat match for the WWE World Heavyweight championship.

Tonight’s Raw is not over just quite after this amazing scene. The universe got a Memphis street fight between Sheamus & Christian. A match that seems to have been played out between the two, but gave the universe everything they wanted and more. In the end Sheamus beats Christian with his finishing move Brogue Kick. Following the match & a few commercials Bray Wyatt cuts yet another promo and officially accepts John Cena’s match at WM30. The main event of the evening show Daniel Bryan & Big Show vs Randy Orton & Batista. Not the best match of the night, but everyone left the arena happy as Daniel Bryan got the win on Randy Orton.

After tonight’s Raw WM30 will be 26 days away and the officially matches for the biggest event of the year are starting to come together.

John Cena Vs Bray Wyatt

30-man battle royal; Winner gets the Andre The Giant trophy

Daniel Bryan Vs HHH; If Bryan wins the main event turns into a triple threat match

WWE World Heavyweight Championship: Randy Orton(c) Vs Batista & possibly Daniel Bryan.


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