3-17-14 Raw Preview

After last week’s Raw that left many fans extremely excited about WrestleMania 30; This week can be just as good as last week’s or even better. With HHH finally accepting Daniel Bryan’s WM30 challenge with the stipulation with Bryan winning he gets added to the main event match for the WWE World Heavyweight championship. Tonight’s Raw will have us all on the edge of our seats to see what HHH has planned for Bryan has WM30 is just around the corner. With the possibility of Bryan in the main event match against Champion Randy Orton and challenger Batista; What will those two have up their sleeve for Bryan for the upcoming weeks leading to WM30.

With Hulk Hogan’s announcement last week of the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal tonight’s Raw will reveal more participates of the match. With much internet conversation revolving around the chance of this match being on the WM30 pre-show. While for the last handful of PPVs WWE has shown the pre-show match via the app or on the internet. With this match still being able to watched by millions on the pre-show it would kill the announcement made by Hogan irrelevant, and make this a non Wrestlemania tradition(Which it could possibly turn into)

One man who entered his name into the battle royal and then 10 minutes later withdrew his name was John Cena. With him challenging Bray Wyatt to a WM30 match(Bray accepted) tonight’s Raw will give us even more cryptic words said by the leader of the Wyatt Family, and will give John Cena more reasons to cut another promo that is followed by plenty of boos from the crowd. With the build up for this match coming through promos the anticipation of Cena putting Bray over in this upcoming match is exciting and can’t come here fast enough.

Last week on Raw we saw Corporate Kane get into the face of The Shield and try motivating them. Last Friday on Smackdown we saw The Shield not help Kane in his match against Big Show. With The Authority having their hands full with Daniel Bryan; Kane has to worry about The Shield and what he is going to make them do next. With The Shield showing they are stronger than ever, it will be interesting to see what Kane will do to them tonight.

Other advertisements for tonight’s Raw is yet possibly another encounter between The Undertaker and Paul Heyman. Following their stellar promo work last week Undertaker & Heyman are both in town for tonight’s Raw and could give the WWE Universe another great promo. Other possibilities for tonight’s Raw is the continued frustration between Jack Swagger and Cesaro to grow and possibly bring an end to The Real Americans. Also The Usos could defend their Tag Team Titles against The New Age Outlaws tonight(I believe it will finally happen at WM30), but we do see The Usos & The New Age Outlaws both on TV tonight.

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