3-17-14 Raw Recap

Tonight’s Raw started off bigger than the entire state of Texas! Live from San Antonio, Texas Triple H starts in the ring talking about his upcoming match with Daniel Bryan. Then shortly interrupted by Batista who came out to complain about the possibility of Bryan being added to the main event match making it a triple threat match. Then followed by Randy Orton interrupting Batista to do the same exact thing as Batista. With both Orton and Batista complaining about the chance of their match becoming a triple threat match HHH became more and more aggravated. After announcing tonight’s no disqualification match between Bryan and Orton; HHH took a shot at both Batista & Orton. HHH towards Batista says “I’m sick of Hollywood movie stars coming back and telling me what is right for business” and HHH says “I’m sick of technically gifted guys who are so inside that they cannot win by themselves” towards Orton. After these two statements HHH dropped a bombshell of an announcement stating that once he wins his match against Daniel Bryan he will be in the main event at WM30 making it Batista vs Orton vs HHH. In the end the winner of the Daniel Bryan vs HHH match becomes the third person in the WWE World Heavyweight Championship main event match.

 The first match of the night saw the Tag Team Champions The Usos faced The Real Americans. With the past few weeks of turmoil for Cesaro & Jack Swagger the Real Americans were able to put their differences aside and were able to pick up a win against the Tag Team Champions. Cesaro hit his finisher The Neutralizer on one of the Usos(couldn’t tell which one) lol. Maybe tonight marks a change for the Real Americans and could have possibly put themselves in contention for a tag team title match. The WWE Universe was also treated to a Saint Patrick Day match between Sheamus & Titus O’Neil. With Sheamus’ rival Christian doing special commentary during the match the ultimate winner was Sheamus. After the match Renee Young interviews Sheamus in the ring as he announces himself into the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal match.

Following the match and a few commercials the WWE universe was treated to yet another stellar promo from the one and only John Cena. With Raw hyping the promo by asking fans to use the “hashtag” #CenasLegacy; Cena gave one of his better promos as of late. Cena makes mention of being afraid of Bray Wyatt, and afraid that his fans of listening to what Bray is saying about him. Cena brings up how his match with Bray is for his legacy, that he is fighting for his legacy. Which brings up Bray Wyatt on the Jumbotron to cut yet another fantastic promo. While wearing a John Cena t-shirt Bray brings up how he has learned that everything he loves is going to wither away and die. Bray takes a shot at Cena’s relationship with Nicole Bella by calling her “plastic”. Bray tells Cena that he is different from anyone else he has ever faced, and that he does not care if he dies and wants fans to see Cena as he does. The build up to the match at WM30 has been fantastic with these two giving everything they can in their promos and with a few more Raw’s leading to WM30 the promos could only get better.

The match made earlier in the show by HHH is Bryan vs Orton in a no disqualification match. Orton started off the match on the offensive and looked like he was going to prove Batista right when he said he was going to beat Bryan unlike Batista did last week. Orton brings a kendo stick into the match and starts using it on Bryan. But Orton’s attack would come to a stop following a Daniel Bryan a running dropkick. Bryan follows that up hurricanrana, and multiple shots from the kendo stick and his feet. After more back and forth action; Batista returns(who left early) spears Orton, but then is hit by a running knee from Bryan which allows Bryan to pin Orton for the win. Following the match Batista returns the favor to Orton by giving him the Batista Bomb. Orton earlier in the night hit Batista with the RKO.

Paul Heyman himself comes out to the top of the ramp to give yet more information on why Brock Lesnar will end the amazing streak of The Undertaker at WM30. Heyman backs up his argument by showing footage of the last few WrestleMania matches involving the Undertaker in which he barely survives his match. While it shows Brock Lesnar destroying all of his opponents with ease. Heyman ultimately ends his promo by using Undertaker’s signature catchphrase by saying the Undertaker will “Rest In Peace”.  Raw then heads backstage where we see an argument between Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. HHH mentions how later on in the show he will call out Daniel Bryan and they will talk face to face. Stephanie who is not seeing eye-to-eye with HHH wonders if HHH has been thinking at all tonight following his announcement of him possibly being in the main event of WM30. The tension between the two are high as HHH says he will take care of everything, with Stephanie replying with “You better”.

Tonight’s time filler match is between Fandango and Goldust. A nice little back and forth between the two eventually saw Goldust hit his finisher for the win. After the commercial break Corporate Kane comes out to address the WWE universe. Kane comes out to address the actions of Daniel Bryan and his “Occupy Raw” from last week. Stating that Bryan couldn’t have acted alone and puts the blame on Jerry “The King” Lawler. Lawler refuses to enter the ring which bring outs The Shield. Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns force Lawler into the ring and back him into a corner. Rollins states “They know what’s best for business” as The Shield turn their focus onto Corporate Kane and Lawler leaves the ring. Kane gives the first blow but The Shield is just too much for Kane. Reigns hits the spear and it is followed up by the triple powerbomb.

Tonight’s divas match is a tag team match between WWE Divas champion AJ Lee & Tamina Vs Cameron & Naomi(Returning to action). The Bella twins are doing some special guest commentary as they continue to promote their show “Total Divas”. Naomi hits her finisher from the corner and covers Divas Champion AJ Lee for the win. Tamina & AJ have a back and forth which leads to Tamina pushing AJ down on the mat, and they stare back at one another.

Raw continues to hype the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal match at WM30 by showing the Hulk Hogan announcement from last week. Then shows Big Show’s entrance and a pre-recorded promo of where he enters himself into the battle royal. Big show is the last entrance before the 8-man tag match begins. All eight members of this tag match will be in the battle royal match. It is Big E, Big Show, Mark Henry & Dolph Ziggler Vs Ryback, Curtis Axel, Damien Sandow & Alberto Del Rio. After a good amount of beating the “good guys” took from the “bad guys” Big Show hits Sandow with a chokeslam and gets the win. Bray Wyatt is in action next, but the universe does not know his opponent until after break. Kofi Kingston is standing in the ring as Bray Wyatt’s entrance begins, and Michael Cole brings up the much anticipated match at WM30 between John Cena & Bray Wyatt. Cole talks about Bray ruining/ending Cena’s legacy which leads into a video package of what Bray has done in the recent weeks to Cena. Bray dominates Kingston throughout the entire match, and hits his finishing maneuver to end the match.

The final thing on Raw tonight is the face-to-face, man-to-man showdown between Triple H and Daniel Bryan. HHH tells Bryan that he is going to put an end to the “Yes movement” and will not apologize for what he will do to Bryan at WM30. HHH offers to give Bryan a handshake, but Bryan declines the offer. HHH continues to talk about how he dumped a lot onto Bryan’s plate, but he is still standing and that he respects Bryan. Out comes Stephanie McMahon disagreeing with everything HHH has said and eventually calls out “The Cops” to arrest Bryan for his actions on last week’s Raw. The apparent arrest was not sitting well with HHH until eventually Bryan was officially handcuffed. Once cuffed HHH re-enters the ring and tells “the cops” to leave the ring because they aren’t real cops. The setup was on as Triple HHH beat Daniel Bryan to the point where he was carted off on a stretcher. Giving Triple H the upper-hand going into their WM30 match.

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