3-24-14 Raw Recap

Tonight’s Raw treated us to an opening with the one and only Stephanie McMahon. She very well talks about what happened last week, and about what her husband Triple H is going to do at WrestleMania against Daniel Bryan, and eventually the WWE World Heavyweight Championship match. Of course that leads to Randy Orton coming out as he interrupts Stephanie. Orton continues to kiss ass, but this week with Stephanie, and advises her to not let her husband enter the title match. With one of the best ad-libbing the WWE Universe has seen in awhile Stephanie played with the crowd perfectly as they were chanting for Daniel Bryan; Who earlier was mentioned by Stephanie stating that he will not be at Raw tonight. Then out comes Batista to his normal amount of boos from the audience. With a very noticeable blunder on by either Batista or the audio people his microphone was not working which led to another perfectly time ad-lib by Stephanie towards Batista. Batista talks about how he is back to be champion & how Triple H has never beat him. Batista then goes on to diss Stephanie and insult her which resulted in her slapping him right across the face. They go to their first commercial break with Batista spearing Randy Orton, and Batista raising his hands at the top of the ramp.

The first match of the night is a fatal four way match between Alberto Del Rio, Christian, Dolph Ziggler and Sheamus with the winner of the match getting an Intercontinental Championship match live on Main Event Tuesday night. With the crowd solely behind Ziggler the match was even getting “This Is Awesome” chants from the Brooklyn audience. With plenty of back and forth action Del Rio locks in his finisher on Sheamus who eventually tries to counter which turned into Ziggler hitting his finisher on Sheamus. After that Christian sneaks into the ring hits his finisher on Ziggler and steals the win. Christian is the new Intercontinental number one contender, and will receive his match on Main Event.

Immediately following the match Bray Wyatt & his family appear on the screen to cut yet a marvelous promo on John Cena. Someone who is not just one of the best young superstars at cutting promos, Bray is starting to become one of the best in the entire WWE at promos. Bray asks Cena what could he do to someone that doesn’t feel anything. In this promo Luke Harper actually talks & tells Cena that they are coming to find him.

Up next is one of the special guests for tonight’s Raw and that is Scooby-Doo who is coming out to the ring with Sin Cara. Already in the ring is Damien Sandow; Who has somehow gone from winning the Money In The Bank Briefcase to not even getting his name or entrance on TV for Raw. A quick match saw Sin Cara pin Sandow which helped promote the new DVD movie starring Scooby-Doo and WWE stars.

After the break we get an in-ring interview between Michael Cole and Triple H. HHH talks about how he is going to end the yes movement and that it’s the fans fault on what happened to Daniel Bryan last week. HHH’s actions last week were done as a competitor not as COO. He goes on a rant about how the fans have changed & how when he was in the ring full time they would have lust over what he did to Bryan last week, but now they are soft and pathetic. He beings to mock the fans and tells them to voice their displeasure of him by sending him a tweet. He comes up with that its the “reality era” and that the reality is that he is going to beat Daniel Bryan, end the yes movement and go on to become the next WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

The first tag team match of the night put Ryback & Curtis Axel against Los Matadores. Before the match we took a look back at what happened Friday night on Smackdown between The Shield, Kane, The New Age Outlaws, The Real Americans and Axel and Ryback. Just moments into the match The Shield come from the crowd to distract Axel who eventually got rolled up for the loss against the Los Matadores. After the match The Shield surround the ring as they set their focus onto Axel & Ryback. After taking out Axel Reigns re-enters the ring and delivers a spear on Ryback. Following the spear Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns triple powerbomb Ryback.

To continue from something that happened last week on Raw which saw Goldust defeat Fandango thanks to Cody Rhodes distracting Fandango by messing with Summer Rae. Tonight’s Raw saw Rhodes go one on one with Fandango. This time Goldust distracts Fandango by having a “Dance-off” with Summer Rae. Cody Rhodes hits his finisher and gets the pinfall victory over Fandango.

Following the break the WWE Universe is treated to the seeing the host of WrestleMania30 Hulk Hogan come out to the ring. Hogan introduces his “buddies” Arnold Schwarzenegger & Joe Manganiello who are the stars of the new movie Sabotage. After a few words from Arnold & Joe the one and only Miz comes out to interrupt what is going on. Which I believe automatically turns him back into a bad guy(which he plays a very good heel role). The Miz mentions how he is a “real” tough guy while Arnold & Joe just play one in movies. Also The Miz says he will be the one who wins the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal. The Miz attempts to hit Joe who blocks it and actually hits The Miz, who is then hit by Arnold and then thrown out of the ring by Hulk Hogan.

Another time filler match puts two participants from the Battle Royal in a match. Titus O’Neal Vs Big Show is a short lived match that sees Big Show hit the KO punch on O’Neal who had very little offense during the match.

Possibly the best match of the night has John Cena go one on one against Luke Harper with Bray Wyatt & Erik Rowan on the outside. A fantastic main event like performance by Harper behind a crowd that was extremely mixed with “Cena Sucks” and “Lets Go Cena” chants. After trying to gain momentum multiple times during the match but would be stalled quickly Cena finally gets the advantage he need. After hitting a clothesline Cena sets up Harper for the AA, but the lights go out. After a few moments with the lights out they come back on to see Cena tied up between the ropes with the sheep mask on his head. Surrounded by the Wyatt Family the fans start chanting “This Is Awesome”.

In a non-title match it’s AJ Lee vs Naomi. After Naomi starts the match off with tons of offense AJ leaves the ring and loses via count out. As she makes her way up the ramp Vickie Guerrero comes out and announces that AJ Lee will be defending her WWE Divas Championship at WrestleMania in a Vickie Guerrero Invitational. Which is basically every single diva in a match for AJ’s belt. Before going to break they tease who the next inductee to the WWE Hall of Fame will be. Following the commercial they reveal who the next inductee is, and it’s Razor Ramon. During the video packaged played for this announcement there was not one mention as him as Scott Hall, or even as a member of NWO.

Next up is another tag team match between The Real Americans and Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose of the shield. Surprisingly the crowd before the match and throughout the match have been pro Real Americans. What turned out to be a great match and could have turned out to be the best match of the night over Cena vs Harper really picked up steam once Rollisn started going crazy by flying over the ropes onto Cesaro and then again on Swagger and landing on his feet. After the spurt of energy shown during that moment the fans chanted “holy shit” for what Rollins is doing. Rollins hits his finisher moments later on Swagger as The Shield beat the Real Americans. After the match Cesaro attacks Rollins which leads to Reigns getting involved and hitting Cesaro with the superman punch. Cesaro rolls out of the ring and is nailed with a spear from Reigns as well. The crowd is loving what is going on with everyone standing and chanting for the shield. Ambrose and Rollins get the announce table ready for the triple powerbomb. Reigns grabs Cesaro as they set him up to go through the table, and once through the table the place erupts and is loving everything the shield is doing. Following their destruction Corporate Kane along with the New Age Outlaws make their way to the top of the stage to announce a six man tag match between The Shield Vs Kane and the New Age Outlaws at WrestleMania30

Tonight’s Raw ends with a face-off between WrestleMania30 opponents Brock Lesnar and The Undertaker. Lesnar who is of course with Paul Heyman makes their way to the ring to address The Undertaker. Heyman mentions what Undertaker did to him last week on Main Event and that this time it’s going to him Brock Lesnar and The Undertaker face-to-face. After Heyman doing what he does best and that is cut a promo; Brock grabs the mic and calls out the Undertaker. Undertaker’s entrance hits and we see a casket at the top of the stage, and as the casket is wheeled down Heyman and Lesnar become more and more worried and the unknown of what’s in the casket is setting him. After a few minutes of avoiding to open the casket Brock Lesnar finally decides that “he’s not scared” and he opens the casket that has no one inside. Lesnar then goes after the minions who brought out the casket asking “is this a joke”. He eventually closes the casket and re-enters the ring. Moments later the casket suddenly opens to see the deadman laying in their motionless. The Undertaker than sits up and enters the ring to stare down Brock Lesnar. After landing a handful of punches the Undertaker throws Lesnar over the top rope and over the casket. Lesnar and Heyman make their way back up the ramp as The Undertaker ends tonight’s Raw in the middle of the ring.

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