Why The Tigers Will Regret Miguel Cabrera’s New Deal

ESPN’s Jerry Crasnick is reporting that the Detroit Tigers and their superstar player Miguel Cabrera has agreed to a contract extension worth just under $300 million over the next 10 years.

Miguel Cabrera who is currently 30 years old will turn 31 on April 18th. The length of his contract runs through the 2023 season which in the end will put him into his 40s. With most players declining mid way through their 30s; The Tigers will be locked in with Cabrera until 41. Cabrera has won the AL MVP award for two straight years, and is arguably the best player in the entire game. With him in the prime of his career for the next few years for the majority of his contract will be played with his play decreasing. Although he is the best player right now, let’s take a look the last few players who have received 10-year contracts and how those have played out.

Alex Rodriguez-10 years, $252 million with the Texas Rangers. While A-Rod was never able to produce a world series win for the Rangers he lived up to what was then the biggest contract in baseball history. After signing the deal in January of 2001 the Rangers ultimately dumped his salary on the New York Yankees after the 2003 season for young second baseman Alfonso Soriano. Did not work out for the team.

Derek Jeter- 10 years, $189 million with the New York Yankees. Probably the best 10-year deal that will be on this list Jeter has played his entire career with the Yankees. Jeter has been the face of the Yankees for the last handful of years and was named captain in 2003. Although recently they haven’t had many World Series titles to show for it this deal has worked out for both Jeter and the Yankees. Did work out for the team.

Todd Helton- 11 years, $151.5 million with the Colorado Rockies- A deal that is not as publicized as the others that happened around this time. Helton became the face of the Rockies franchise with this deal and did not disappoint. While he was never able to deliver the ultimate prize of a world series ring; Helton is go down the best player in Rockies history, or at least one of the best. To say this was a good deal for Helton is an understatement & it wasn’t a bad one for the Rockies either. Neutral for the team

Alex Rodriguez- 10 years $275 million with the New York Yankees- At the time of this deal Rodriguez was arguably the best player in the league after winning the AL MVP game once again. But at the age of 32 the Yankees should have realized that his career should have been going downhill with him getting into his mid-30s. While the deal is over yet as the contract expires in 2017 A-Rod is battling the MLB officials with his suspensions and dealings with using illegal substances. With the deal not completely over I think it’s safe to say that the Yankees wish they would have not committed to this type of deal. Did not work out for the team.

Troy Tulowitzki- 10 years $157.75 million with the Colorado Rockies. Spending his entire career so far with the Rockies Shortstop Tulowitzki has never been a free agent in his MLB career. This absolutely the best team friendly 10-year deal any player on this list has when it comes to cap space for their organization. When not battling injuries Tulowitzki is one of the best shortstops in the MLB and a lock to make the all-star team. With his deal never getting higher than $20 million a year Tulowitzki has nine years remaining on his deal along with a team option for 2021. With too many years to play out it is quite possible this could be one of the best 10-year deals in MLB history. Too soon to tell.

Ryan Braun- 10 years $145.5 million with the Milwaukee Brewers. Braun’s deal is a tricky one as it full of contract extensions but in the end will go to 10-years ending in 2020. Braun has led the Brewers to the playoffs twice since being called up in 2007. After winning the NL MVP award in Braun has been among plenty speculation about steroid use and has even served a suspension to end the Brewers’ season last year. With the steroid use in his past the Brewers still look at Braun to be the face of their organization for the next few years. Leaning towards a bad deal for the team.

Albert Pujols- 10 years $254 million with the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. Once Barry Bonds “retired” Pujols became not just the best player in the NL, but probably the entire MLB for a long stretch of time. Delivering the St. Louis Cardinals two World Series Championships(2006, 2011) Pujols went with the money when he signed his deal with the Angels. Pujols’ first two seasons with the Angels have been a major disappointment to say the least and have some fans wondering if he will ever be able to regain what he once had with the Cardinals. Leaning towards a bad deal for the team.

Other noticeable 10-year contracts given to players:

Elvis Andrus- Texas Rangers: $131.275 million

Evan Longoria- Tampa Bay Rays: $136.6 million

Joey Votto- Cincinnati Reds: $225 million

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