3-31-14 Raw Preview

Tonight’s Raw takes place in the nation capital of Washington, D.C. and is the last Raw before the biggest event of the year takes place. Live from the Verizon Center WWE Raw has plenty of storylines and matches they have to continue to build up for this Sunday’s WrestleMania30.

With WM30 Sunday plenty of rumors have been going around about the WWE reaching out to the biggest stars of the past 30 years to be apart of this historic event. While no names are really being mentioned it looks like the main megastars from the last 30 years will make cameos, and plenty of other appearances throughout the night.

Back to tonight’s Raw where the WWE universe will be focusing on whether or not Daniel Bryan will return after the brutal beatdown he received two weeks ago at the hands of Triple H. Along with HHH and the authority tonights Raw will look at the six-man tag match between Corporate Kane & the New Age Outlaws Vs The Shield. Who will get the upperhand heading into WM30 between these two teams?

There are four spots remaining for the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal match. With a number of people thinking the final four spots will be revealed tonight, and one of those spots being taken by returning superstar RVD. Also with the Tag Team title match getting moved to the WM pre-show; There will be no more talk about this match going on the pre-show as well.

John Cena will look to gain some sort of momentum heading into WM30 following what happened to him during his match last week with Luke Harper. With another potential great promo from Bray Wyatt tonight; the match between Cena vs Bray Wyatt could be one of the best ones this year. Cena will need to pull out all the stops just not at WM30, but will need to do the same tonight to get the momentum on his side.

Tonight’s Raw will also see the return of Piper’s Pit. With no confirmed guest for the show plenty of names have been rumored, but none have been confirmed.

Following the way Raw ended last week with the Undertaker appearing in the casket to scare & attack Brock Lesnar the WWE universe will be looking forward to what the Undertaker has planned this week for Lesnar & Heyman. With the Undertaker getting the upperhand the past few weeks; Could tonight be the night Lesnar gets his hands on the Undertaker, and can put a scare into the streak? Also will Lesnar’s voice crack again when he tries to scream?..

Tonight’s main event puts the Wrestlemania 30 match on display as Randy Orton goes one on one with Batista. With this not making much sense to me why they would put this match on Raw when in just 6 days this same exact match will be on WM30 with at least one more superstar added to the match. I believe not much will be shown during their match tonight, and I would expect to see Daniel Bryan & Triple H both interfering in the match towards the end to set up the possibility of them both winning their match which puts them into the main event match.

Stay tuned for the Raw Recap once Raw goes off the air tonight

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