3-31-14 Raw Recap

The last Raw before the biggest event of the year takes place has left something to be desired. With the endless possibilities of making tonight’s Raw on of the best of the year it was far from that.

Starting it off with The Undertaker is one of the highlights from tonight’s Raw. Undertaker shows a video package of him defeating 17 other superstars over his WrestleMania streak. Then out comes Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar. After a few words from Heyman; Lesnar plays mind games with Undertaker on whether or not he will enter the ring or not. After a distraction from Heyman Lesnar enters the ring but is quickly attacked by Undertaker. But Lesnar finally got the upper hand by giving the Undertaker a clothesline & an F-5.

The first match of the night puts Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal participates Big E vs Alberto Del Rio one on one against each other. While it seems the WWE Universe could careless about Del Rio and is behind Big E as intercontinental champion. Although Big E hasn’t received the type of push he probably deserves. Del Rio in the ends gets a clean pi fall victory over Big E. After commercial break we take a look at what the Wyatt family did to John Cena last week following his match against Luke Harper and it leads to yet another stellar promo from the leader of the Wyatt family, Bray Wyatt. Bray Wyatt has elevated his promo game to a whole new level, and has made his match against Cena one of the biggest of the PPV. The following match after the promo puts Total Divas co-stars in one on one action. Summer Rae Vs Natalya. Michael Cole shows what happened this past week on Total Divas where Summer Rae slaps Natalya across the face. After a short and yes boring match Summer Rae is victorious.

Out comes the Authority to talk about how they are going to kill and destroy the Yes Movement. Triple H talks about the WWE Universe isn’t loyal to the superstars and that they turn on the superstars as soon as they can. They bring up how the WWE Universe was all about Fandango and Fandangoing, and then just threw it away like yesterday’s meat. Stephanie then gets the fans to start chanting “yes”, and says how the fans just want to be apart something. HHH & Stephanie bring up how the yes movement is a fad; Which leads to a video package voiced by Stephanie that talks about other “fads” that came and gone in the WWE. The package showed superstars like Booker T, Big Poppa Pump, RVD, Jeff Hardy, Goldberg, Chris Jericho, Mick Foley, Kurt Angle, and how they were the “Flavor of the week” with the WWE Universe and that Triple H has been able to destroy the fans favorite. Then out comes Batista, and after Batista talks for awhile out comes Randy Orton. HHH then announces that their match on Raw tonight between Randy Orton vs Batista is a no disqualification match.

The next match of the night was a 8-man tag between The Usos & Los Matadores against the Real Americans & Ryback and Curtis Axel. A match that has a lot of back and forth action. With the crowd split between The Usos and the Real Americans the match gave us a little preview of what the WreslteMania30 pre-show match will give us for the Tag Team Championship. After the Matadores pull a little switch on Jack Swagger they roll him up for the pin. The Usos & Los Matadores win over the Real Americans and Ryback & Curtis Axel.

During the commercial break they revealed a brand new DVD about the career of The Ultimate Warrior that will be released tomorrow. The DVD is going along with the story of that he finally gets to tell the real story of what went on in his career. Following the commercial break we see the Rhodes Brothers go up against Fandango and Damien Sandow. The time filler match of the evening saw the Rhodes Brothers defeat Fandango & Damien Sandow. We got to a few weeks back to when Kane & The New Age Outlaws attacked The Shield on Smackdown; Which leads to the WWE app poll asking fans to pick Kane’s opponent between the three members of the Shield. We then go to a promo of the Shield in the back telling Kane and The New Age Outlaws that they not to be messed up and that Kane started this, and the Shield are going to end it. Out next comes Bray Wyatt to take on R-Truth. After R-Truth had very little offense Bray Wyatt took control of this match and destroyed R-Truth. Following his victory over Truth; The Wyatt Family attacked Xavier Woods(who came in the ring to help Truth). After the attack Luke Harper and Erick Rowan stand behind Bray Wyatt as he kneels on the mat with the spotlight on him. Then in comes a random member of the “Wyatt Family” with a sheep mask who stands between Harper and Rowan. After a few minutes of staring at each other the sheep mask comes off and it’s John Cena dressed in Wyatt Family gear and attacks Harper and Rowan. Bray Wyatt escapes the ring, but Cena got the upper hand heading into WM30.

The next match put AJ Lee up against Naomi with the other divas from the Vickie Guerrero invitational surrounding the ring as lumberjills. AJ Lee is then thrown out of the ring and goes behind her bodyguard Tamina; Where all the lumberjills attack them both and eventually throw AJ Lee back into the ring. Naomi hits her finisher and wins the match. Vickie Guerrero earlier in the night made it clear that the match at WM30 between the 14 divas will be a one fall to a finish match. After the break Renee Young interviews John Cena, and asks him about his upcoming match against Bray Wyatt. Cena talks about how Bray Wyatt keeps speaking his propaganda, and that Cena is going to give him the fight of his life. Cena does mention that he is afraid, but has plenty of courage to face Bray Wyatt at WM30.

The WWE App poll results are announced as we see Roman Reigns go up against Kane. With most of the match being dominated by Reigns, before he could finally put the math away out comes the New Age Outlaws. But quickly behind them are Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins who attack them from behind. With Kane down in the ring and The New Age Outlaws down outside the ring; the Shield surround Kane. The hounds of Justice start their attack on Kane, but before they could set him up for the triple powerbomb the New Age Outlaws pull kane out of the ring. Up next is Piper’s Pit and Roddy Roddy Piper hypes up the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal. The first superstar who comes out to interrupt him is The Miz. Out next comes Sheamus, Titus O’neal and Dolph Ziggler. These four superstars start fighting in the middle of the ring which then brings out a handful of superstars that will compete in the battle royal. With Rey Mysterio & Big Show both coming out to their theme music Big Show is the last man standing as Piper raises his hand.

The Main event is next between Batista and Randy Orton in a no disqualification match. Before the match gets underway Triple H and Stephanie McMahon come out to get a first hand look at what the match will be. With both Batista & Orton using the rules to their advantage with kendo sticks and chairs being used. Before the match could end Daniel Bryan shocks everyone and comes out from crowd and starts attacking Triple H. Randy Orton tries to save HHH, but is no help while Bryan starts to attack Orton as well. Orton is able to start Bryan for a moment but not for long after Batista spears Orton. Bryan then hits Batista with a running knee and then continues his attack on HHH. Bryan goes all out on beating up HHH, and Triple H sells it perfectly. Bryan hits him with the kendo stick multiple times as HHH makes his way up the ramp as Bryan ends Raw on type of the corner with the entire crowd being as loud has they have been and chanting “yes” along with Bryan.

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