WrestleMania 30 Recap

WOW! That is the only way to describe what just happened on tonight’s WrestleMania. With the fans in attendance & at home having emotions from the lowest of lows and ultimately the highest of highs.

The biggest shock of the night was when the referee counted 1-2-3 and the streak came to an end. The fans in attendance & also at home were shocked and had no idea what just happened. Brock Lesnar did what only himself and Paul Heyman thought would happen and that is conquer the streak. No more is the number 21 the biggest number associated with The Undertaker it will now be the number 1 and that is how many losses Undertaker has at WrestleMania. Undertaker’s accomplishment will never be passed and even with this loss should live forever. With Lesnar being the only WWE Superstar to ever beat Undertaker at WrestleMania; Lesnar & Heyman will have plenty to talk about for the rest of their careers & especially on tomorrow’s night Raw. I believe we see the end of Undertaker’s career officially happen live on Raw tomorrow night. Which will lead to Undertaker being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame and the main person for the 2015 class.

While that moment gave every WWE fan question what was going on, and ultimately disappointed with the event. The ending gave the WWE Universe exactly what they wanted and then some. Following his opening match win over Triple H; An injured Daniel Bryan looked to finally win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. After his first match of the night Bryan was attacked by HHH and given a shoulder injury. After multiple slaps from Stephanie McMahon, HHH attacks Bryan from behind and then uses a steel chair on Bryan’s shoulder against the steel post. With an injured shoulder and the stakes against Bryan the WWE universe were 100% behind wanting to see Bryan becoming the new champion. Plenty of back and forth action between the three superstars which led to Bryan applying the Yes lock onto Batista which leads to HHH & Stephanie McMahon coming from the crowd and interfering in the match. HHH takes out the referee and brings in fired referee Scott Armstrong to screw Bryan over. An unsuccessful attempt to count Bryan outs give Bryan a chance to kick Armstrong in the head and now knows that referee out. Bryan goes for his dive through the ropes that connects with not only HHH, but with Armstrong and even Stephanie McMahon. An Angry HHH grabs a sledgehammer, but his idea backfires on him. Bryan uses the sledgehammer on HHH and knocks him out. With the authority out of the picture and the crooked referee out of the way the match continues. Both Batista & Randy Orton start teaming up on Bryan. Batista & Orton look to finish Bryan by putting him through the Spanish Announce table by throwing him from one table via the Batista bomb onto the Spanish table where Orton gives him the RKO. Bryan is then supposed to be taken out on a stretcher to leave Batista and Orton fight out until the end. But Bryan is a fighter and got off the stretcher and the rest is history. Bryan gets the animal Batista to tap out to the yes lock, and is crowned new WWE World Heavyweight champion. The place makes a complete 180 from no sound and jaws dropped with Undertaker losing; Too the place blowing the roof off the building with Bryan winning the Championship. Bryan finally defeated the authority and will have his moment to shine tomorrow night with a crazy crowd at Raw.

Many of other moments cannot be overlooked. The opening segment of the night will go down as by fair one of the best non-wrestling moments in not only WrestleMania history, but WWE history. The Universe gets treated to have the host Hulk Hogan start the show. Who gets interrupted by The rattlesnake Stone Cold Steve Austin. And the final man to come out after Austin speaks in the most electrifying man in sports entertainment The Rock. A moment that all fans will remember for along time. Hogan, Austin & Rock in the same right doing what they do best and that’s talking on the mic. Also the first ever Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal took place and the winner of the match was Cesaro. Following a pre-show loss to the Usos for the belt; The Real Americans officially split up and allows Cesaro to get the push he has deserved. We also saw John Cena defend his legacy in a victory over Bray Wyatt. Although Bray lost, the performance he showed the WWE Universe has put him over even more than he was. In a quick match to show their dominance The Shield overpowered The New Age Outlaws and Kane. Also in a match that gets overshadowed due to the major loss by Undertaker saw WWE Divas Champion AJ Lee successfully defend her title. AJ Lee made Naomi tap out to win her title.

With the anticipation of WrestleMania30 being the biggest one of them all it is almost hard to say it didn’t live up to the hype. The official end of an era happened tonight with the shocking loss of The Undertaker to Brock Lesnar. The start of a new era; The Yes Era has begun with Daniel Bryan defeating Triple H, Batista and Randy Orton all in the same night. With superstars like Cesaro, The Usos, and each member of The Shield(Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose) poised for amazing year. Tomorrow’s Raw that takes place at the Smoothie King Center in New Orleans, Louisiana. The only thing we know as of now is that the only thing WWE Fans can expect from Raw is the unexpected.

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