Paul Heyman Vs Zeb Colter

This past monday on Raw the WWE Universe saw Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal winner Cesaro leave Zeb Cutler, and become a Paul Heyman guy. By making the switch from Colter to Heyman could lead to a great rivalry between the two best managers in the WWE. Heyman has had recent success with superstars like Brock Lesnar, CM Punk, and Curtis Axel. While Colter has had success in the with superstars like Jack Swagger, John Bradshaw(JBL), and Cesaro(Who is now a Heyman guy). The mic skills between these two are top notch and are able to carry any superstar who isn’t stellar at talking on the mic. Both Colter & Heyman have the ability to put fans on the edge of their seats when they grab a mic. With Cesaro’s recent change from Colter to Heyman the WWE could build something great between these two managers and whatever superstars they put with them. Without overplaying their manager skills the chance to add 2 more superstars to each manager could really help give new guys the push they need.

Paul Heyman Guys

Cesaro- With the momentum of winning the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal; Cesaro is one of the newest guys that the WWE universe is strongly behind. With Heyman giving him the new nickname “The King of Swing” Cesaro has the making of becoming a future WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Although he is in his early 30s the WWE could use Heyman & Cesaro for many many months and Cesaro can be someone near the top for a few years.

Alexander Rusev- One of the newest NXT stars to finally make their jump to the WWE main roster is this man right here. With manager Lana; It seems hard to see Rusev to get over with WWE fans. Rusev has the look of dominating opponents, and can be a big player for the WWE World Heavyweight championship and any other title as well. By adding a mouthpiece like Paul Heyman; Rusev could at some points in his career become unstoppable.

Titus O’Neal- Although it’s not much to brag about but O’neal is the best one from the duo of the Prime Time Players. The athletic freak of O’neal and his personality has the chance of getting over the the WWE universe if given the time. the O’neal bark is something expected from him, and the universe started to go along with it. While he has some mic skills, it’s not the best, and by adding the likes of Heyman with him gives him the chance of being a mainstay on the roster and on monday night Raw.

Zeb Colter Guys

Jack Swagger- With the start of the Real Americans Swagger has been able to go along for the ride while Colter is his mouthpiece. With the “We the people” chant going well with the universe Swagger has a chance to finally living up to his potential. Keeping Swagger and Colter together can also and probably will lead to a great feud between Swagger and Cesaro.

Heath Slater- Nothing is more American than wanting to be in a band. Heath Slater is nicknamed “The one man band” and has even started the group 3 man band(3MB). It has gone absolutely nowhere with Drew McIntyre and Jinder Mahal as other members in the group. While McIntyre was once labeled “The Chosen One” has never been able to live up to that title, and Mahal has never gotten anywhere in the WWE. Slater has been around ever since the first NXT season, and was apart of the group Nexus. Slater’s ability has never been given a real chance and given a manager like Colter could give him that chance.

Brodus Clay- The friendly Funkasaurus was able to be the good guy who would dance on his way to the ring and after his victories. That gimmick lasted for a few months, but got old quit even with the fans that liked the theme music and dancing. The type of monster Clay could be is ready to be shown and with Colter; Clay could go to that way. No more Funkadactyls, and no more dancing can let Clay be the monster he should have been. Clay is agile and able to move around the ring in a way that guys his size usually can’t. Clay is 6’7 weighing 375 pounds, and can be dominate. While his ceiling might never be a WWE World Heavyweight Champion; Clay can play the big guy heel role perfectly with Colter as his manager.

Leave your comments on who you would like to see with Paul Heyman, and Zeb Colter.

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