2014 WWE “Special Events”

With the launch of the WWE Network the WWE will now using the word “Special Event” instead of PPV. Dates and locations have been released for the remaining 2014 calendar for the special events.

May 4th- Extreme Rules; East Rutherford, New Jersey

June 1st- Payback; Chicago, Illinois

June 29th- Money In The Bank; Boston, Massachusetts

July 20th- Battleground; Tampa, Florida

August 17th- SummerSlam; Los Angeles, California

September 21st- Night Of Champions; Nashville, Tennessee

October 26th- Hell In A Cell; Dallas, Texas

November 23rd- Survivor Series- St. Louis, Missouri

December 14th- Table, Ladders, Chairs- Cleveland, Ohio

Here are a few noticeable things I am looking at when it comes to location and special event. Payback June 1st in Chicago; Plenty of rumors and speculation on whether or not CM Punk will make his return(if not before then). My belief is that he does not return anytime before this event, and would only make his return on at this event. Payback is the last chance is the near future that Punk will make his return IF at all. June also is the only month that has two special events and the second one is being held in John Cena’s hometown. Which gives me reason to believe he is either in the WWE World Heavyweight Championship match or he wins the Money In The Bank Match. Then we go a few months ahead to October and Hell In A Cell. Yes I know there’s a big difference between Dallas, Texas and Houston, Texas, but Texas is the home state of The Phenom the Undertaker. He made the Hell In A Cell one of the best matches for anyone and could he make a return at this PPV. I will be very interested to see if he does. Then the very next month the Survivor Series event takes place in the home state of Randy Orton. Orton could still be in the title picture for the entire season, but I could see Orton being a big factor in the traditional Survivor Series tag match. And then the last event will be a personal favorite of mine since it will be held in my home town of Cleveland Ohio. With two superstars The Miz and Dolph Ziggler from Cleveland, Ohio could they finally find themselves in big roles in a special event? Only time will be able to answer that question, but the Tables Ladders and Chairs event will be the first “PPV” in Cleveland since Unforgiven in 2008.


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