4-14-14 Raw Preview

After a bizarre past week for the WWE and for the WWE fans tonight’s Raw takes place from Birmingham, Alabama. With the sudden and shocking death of Hall of famer Ultimate Warrior tonight’s Raw will be a tribute to the man and his legacy. Current WWE superstars and past stars will pay their own tribute to Warrior in some way tonight.

After a week of house show’s that saw Jack Swagger briefly win the Intercontinental championship from Big E, but the match was restarted, and Big E won the title back. With that being said the WWE will be having a tournament to find out the new number one contender for the Intercontinental championship. A handful of matches tonight will hopefully decide Big E’s next challenger. Besides matches for the intercontinental championship tournament no other matches have been announced.

Current WWE World Heavyweight champion Daniel Bryan recently got married this week with WWE diva Brie Bella. Bryan and Bella are currently on their honeymoon, and there is no word on whether or not he will be at Raw tonight. Although there might not be an appearance from Bryan the Authority have their hands full with the Hounds of justice The Shield. Following the Shield’s actions against justice Triple H and Stephanie McMahon will have their hands full with the group. After attacking HHH, Randy Orton, Batista and Kane the Shield are setting up for a great feud between some of the big names. The re-formation of Evolution is upon us and tonight could be showing more of that.

After winning her debut match which was for the WWE Divas championship Paige has a target on her back with all the other divas in the lockerroom. Defeating AJ Lee last week Paige and Lee could be on their way of having a pretty good feud between divas. While it’s not a debut but Rob Van Dam made his return to WWE TV last week in a win over Damien Sandow. Fan favorite RVD has no real rival, but could and should be one of the participates in the Intercontinental championship tournament.

In the fastest “heel” to “face” turn probably in WWE history Paul Heyman and the brand new Paul Heyman Guy Cesaro look to put their plan into action starting this week. With former partner Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter these four could help bring back the use of managers and have a feud between two different managers. Cesaro is riding a major high, and deserve the upcoming major push he is getting. Cesaro is one of the biggest fan favorites right now, and could very well be an upcoming WWE World Heavyweight champion in the near future. While he won’t be fighting for it anytime soon the back and forth between Cesaro and Swagger including Heyman and Colter will be fun for WWE fans to watch.

After keeping his legacy intact by defeating Bray Wyatt; John Cena will continue to look for a way to get past them, and look to finally get back into the title picture. While no one ever knows what will be coming next from the Wyatt Family; Bray Wyatt is must see TV, and the fans in attendance have started to come around on chanting for him. I believe no matter who he faces unless its(Daniel Bryan) the WWE universe will be strongly behind any match Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper and even Erick Rowan are in.

Tonight’s Raw will be far different from anything else in the recent months with what has transpired this past week. It will be a tribute to the legend Ultimate Warrior, and will be nice to see what they do to show their appreciation for what Warrior did for the WWE company.

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