Raw 4-13-14 Recap

Tonight’s Raw started off with the entire main roster on the top of the stage to honor the late Ultimate Warrior. The first time all the superstars were on stage to mourn a loss of a superstar since Eddie Guerrero. They rang the bell 10 times in honor of the Warrior, and showed a very moving video package. Plenty of superstars were shown very emotional, and we even saw the return of Vince McMahon to a WWE TV. They also showed Triple H starting and leading a chant “Warrior” with superstars and the WWE Universe. Although Vince was shown during the beginning he did not say a word, and was not shown again on TV.

The first match of the night is also the first match of the Intercontinental Championship number one contender tournament between Rob Van Dam Vs Alberto Del Rio. In a match that shows how far Del Rio has fallen from when he would actually be someone who would be main eventing PPVs has become someone no one cares about. By having RVD in the match kept fans in attendance and watching at home interested in the match. RVD swipes Del Rio’s legs out from under him on the top rope and then hits the five star frog splash to win and advance in the number one contender tournament. Before break, and after break we are backstage where Triple H, Stephanie McMahon, Randy Orton, and Batista are all talking about the events from last week. Triple H brings up how evolution was unstoppable and will once again be unstoppable, and bring an end to The Shield. While HHH believes that can happen Orton, and Batista tell HHH no and that they are focused on becoming the next WWE World Heavyweight Championship, and that HHH will have to do this by himself.

The following match put Curtis Axel and Ryback in action against Goldust and Cody Rhodes. A match that once had tag team champions in it and are now not even a factor in the tag team division; While the other team has one of the biggest failures the WWE has seen in the past few years with Ryback and Axel with a lot of untapped potential on another team. In a match that was not entertaining based on the crowd chanting for “JBL”, “Jerry Lawler” and other pointless things saw Ryback & Axel get the victory.

The first of two Bo Dallas Vignette airs which was just like last week teasing his eventual main roster debut. We then make our transition to another NXT superstar and that’s the new WWE Divas Champion Paige who is in action against former WWE Divas Champion Alicia Fox. Alicia Fox showed that she can be very dominate in the ring, and proved she could once again become WWE Divas Champion one day, but in the end Paige used her submission finisher the Scorpion Crosslock to get the win. Up next is a rematch from last week between Randy Orton and Batista vs The Usos in a non-title match. This week The Usos are on the attack as they waste little time to go after Orton and Batista. The Usos are on a role and have the crowd strongly behind them throughout the match. Following a little bit of offense from Orton on one of the Usos on the outside of the ring The Shield come from the crowd and attack Orton and Batista. After taking out Orton on the outside The Shield surround Batista in the ring. Batista hold his own against Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose, but is then hit by the Superman punch by Roman Reigns.  We go to commercial with the WWE showing the Ultimate Warrior against Hulk Hogan at WrestleMania 6 as they continue their tribute to The Warrior for the entire night.

The second Intercontinental Championship number one contender tournament match is underway between the newest Paul Heyman Guy Cesaro against Mark Henry. Henry shows that he is exactly what he is and overpowering Cesaro just like the World Strongest Man would do to anyone. After Cesaro talks with Paul Heyman, Cesaro begins his fury of uppercuts on Henry. Henry then shoves him off but Cesaro continues his fury of uppercuts on Henry until he finally pushes him off and gives him a clothesline. After the clothesline Henry looks woozy from all the uppercuts taken from Cesaro which leads to Cesaro hitting the neutralizer on Henry and advancing in the tournament.

After the break out comes Lana who talks about Alexander Rusev, and tells the WWE Universe they need to rise in appreciation of Rusev as he makes his way to the ring. Rusev is in a match with Xavier Woods and Rusev wins via The Accolade. WWE continues their Warrior tribute by showing a match between him and Rick Rude before going to break. The third match in the Intercontinental Championship number one contender tournament is between Sheamus and Jack Swagger. Sheamus did a very good job of making Swagger possible look better than he has in the recent weeks as they both put on a very good match. In the end we see Sheamus out of nowhere hit his Brogue kick and advance. The WWE Universe gets another NXT superstar Vignette, but this time it is for Adam Rose. A guy that you just want to party with is making his way to the WWE main roster.

Bray Wyatt and his family make their way to the ring following the break to deliver another stellar promo like he always does. Bray brings up how he has never lied to the WWE Universe and that everything  John Cena has done has been a lie to the universe. Bray brings up how even though he lost at WrestleMania he still has Cena right where he wants him. Bray asks Sister Abigail to let Cena come out and play, and of course Cena comes right out. In old Cena fashion Cena turns Bray’s great promo into a way to get a cheap pop from fans and make jokes. Cena tries to make jokes to get over with the fans and get Bray angry, and while some fans laughed it was a poor job by Cena. Bray brings up how Cena always does the same thing when someone is a threat to him he tries to make a joke out of it. Cena gets serious and challenges Bray to a match where no one can interfere and at Extreme Rules it will be John Cena vs Bray Wyatt in a steel cage match.

A nice time filler match happens with Santino Marella and Emma going up against Fandango and his new dance partner Layla. In a match that was very quick and was able to keep the momentum going for Fandango and Layla. Layla was able to get a pinfall victory over Emma. Following the match we go backstage to we see an angry Stephanie McMahon talking to corporate Kane. Stephanie brings up how they haven’t seen the monster in a long time and that the big red machine hasn’t been around and she wants to know what happened to him. An angry Kane throws his chair and gets into the face of Stephanie. Kane then turns his attention to a glass case next to them that has his old mask next to them. He grabs the mask and tells Stephanie he’s going to eviscerate Daniel Bryan and send him to the depths of hell.

We get our second Bo Dallas vignette of the evening following the break, and we then go to the speech made by the Ultimate Warrior on Raw last week. The final first round match in the Intercontinental Championship number one contender tournament between Dolph Ziggler and Wade Barrett, but before the match takes place we get our second Adam Rose vignette. Barrett comes out to the ring as Ziggler is already waiting and the ovation for Barrett is a good one. Two fan favorites are going back and forth in a bout that even have the fans chanting “This is awesome”. Barrett and Ziggler both hit their not so finishing moves and each other, and both of them kick out of them. Barrett then winds up for the Bullhammer, but missed. Ziggler then gets thrown into the air off of a Barrett reversal and then is struck with the Bullhammer as Barrett is the final man to move on in the tournament.

Up next is the main event between The Shield and their unnamed opponents. The Shield make their normal entrance through the crowd into the ring as they wait for their opponents to be announced. Out first is Del Rio, then Fandango, Swagger, 3MB, Titus O’Neil, Ryback, Axel, Rusev & Barrett. The match is 3 on 11 and at first the Shield had the momentum being able to stop their opponents attack. Once Rusev came in it was all downhill from there for The Shield as Rusev, Swagger, Ryback, dominate Rollins, until Reigns comes in spears Ryback, and then all hell breaks loose. A brawl breaks out between the Shield and the eleven other superstars. With everyone on the outside of the ring Rollins take a leap over the top rope and knocks out everyone. Reigns, Rollins and Ambrose are standing tall in the ring until the numbers become just too much from them as all eleven superstars start attacking them. While the beatdown continues a familiar song hits that no one has heard for a long time and that Evolution’s theme music. Here comes Triple H, Randy Orton and Batista to finish what the eleven other superstars have started. The shield try to make it back to their feet but have taken too much punishment to fight back. They go after Rollins first and end him with a Batista bomb. Reigns puts up some sort of fight but is also hit with the Batista bomb. Orton and Batista try to pull off a Batista bomb into a RKO on Ambrose which doesn’t look that good, but the point gets across that these three men are finally working together. Reigns tries to show a little bit of energy as he tries to get up, but is eventually held up by Orton and Batista with HHH yelling at him to “Believe in Evolution. The broadcast ends with Evolution mocking The Shield by all putting their fist together in unity.

For a Raw that was dedicated to the Ultimate Warrior it was a good one indeed. With no WWE World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan because of his honeymoon the show ran smoothly without it’s champion. The rivalry between Evolution and The Shield continues to grow as seems to heading towards a match at Extreme Rules. The first official match for Extreme Rules was also announced as the feud between John Cena & Bray Wyatt will continue and take place in a Steel Cage Match. The idea behind the Intercontinental Championship number one contender tournament might bring some life into the Championship. Plenty of storylines were built upon tonight, and will be continued to be built upon until Extreme Rules is here.

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