2014 Cleveland Browns Schedule & Pre-Draft Prediction



Here is the 2014 Cleveland Browns schedule & here are my thoughts on it.

The unlucky draw of having a week 4 bye could in the end ruin this season. While they aren’t the only team that has a week 4 bye; A young team like the Browns won’t benefit from such an early bye week. Also starting on the road against the Pittsburgh Steelers could motivate the players more than any other matchup they could have had that week. The Browns have one prime time game and thats Week 10 in Cincinnati on NFL Network, and one 4:25 game home against Oakland; All the other guys will be played at 1pm unless a game gets flexed in the middle of the season.

Week 1- @ Pittsburgh Steelers. Loss

Week 2- New Orleans Saints- Loss

Week 3- Baltimore Ravens- Loss

Week 4- Bye

Week 5- @ Tennessee Titans- Loss

Week 6- Pittsburgh Steelers- Loss

Week 7- @ Jacksonville Jaguars- Win

Week 8- Oakland Raiders- Win

Week 9- Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Win

Week 10- @ Cincinnati Bengals- Loss

Week 11- Houston Texans- Loss

Week 12- @ Atlanta Falcons- Loss

Week 13- @ Buffalo Bills- Win

Week 14- Indianapolis Colts- Loss

Week 15- Cincinnati Bengals- Loss

Week 16- @ Carolina Panthers- Loss

Week 17- @ Baltimore Ravens- Loss

My prediction for the Cleveland Browns is that they will finish 4-12. This is my pre-draft prediction & I will have another one once the draft is complete

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