5-5-14 Raw Preview

Raw tonight is live from the Times Union Center in Albany, New York. With Extreme Rules in the rearview mirror; Tonight’s Raw has plenty of things to go off of with the main thing being what is going to happen next between The Shield and Evolution.

Many rumors have been going around this past week Evolution member Batista is taking time off, and this is coming rather early than the WWE expected. Word is that he has declined an opportunity to face WWE World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan in the main event of the next PPV Payback in June. Him taking time off now is said to be happening earlier than first expected, and is leaving some WWE officials upset with him, and they believe this will not sit well with many in the WWE Universe. With the likelihood of Batista leaving for now it could come at the hands of The Shield tonight, or could we see another Evolution turn and leave the group as just Triple H and Randy Orton. Following their win last night over Evolution; The Shield are running off an “extreme” high, and is the most dominant group going in the WWE today. With the question being “What’s next for The Shield”? Could we see a break up? Not so fast I would like to see all three men hold individual titles, and make their mark in the history books as one of the best groups of all-time. But tonight will definitely clarify what will be up next for Romain Reigns, Seth Rollins, and Dean Ambrose.

Another group that has plenty to build off of from last night is the Wyatt Family. In the most bizarre ending to a match in recent memory it helps the John Cena turn to a “heel” possible. Tonight’s Raw will only further the feud that Bray Wyatt and Cena have, and it should all come to an end at Payback. Tonight’s Raw will continue to build off of the spooky ending of last night’s steel cage match with “little Johnny” being apart of the Wyatt Family. Bray has taken the spotlight away from Cena, and has given plenty of fans the idea of Cena finally breaking away from his “superhero” role, and being a guy that fans would like to see, and that’s a “bad guy”. Bray literally has the “Whole world in his hands” and that’s the WWE Universe with how tonight will play out, and the upcoming weeks play out until their final match at Payback.

Last night’s Extreme Rules event was the dawning of a new day for a former Intercontinental champion, and last night he was able to win it for the fourth time in his career. Bad News Barrett defeated Big E, and is now the new IC champion. Barrett winning the title finally brings a household name to the forefront, and helps the mid-card title mean something once again. Tons of mid-card talent can become fan favorites with Barrett as champion, but unfortunately that happens tonight with Big E having the opportunity to get a rematch for the title. The rematch either takes place tonight, or at Payback, but the sooner the better for not only Barrett, but for the WWE Universe. The Universe would love to see someone like Dolph Ziggler, Damien Sandow, Alexander Rusev or an established mid-card talent finally get a push from WWE officials, and it should be someone that fans are already behind. Tonight’s Raw could help push the IC title to being the second best title to hold.

WWE Divas champion Paige successfully defended her belt last night against Tamina, and now tonight she stands as the best diva on the WWE roster. With former champion AJ Lee taking time off; The entire divas division is on the shoulders of the 21-year old champion Paige, and I believe it is in good hands. She has shown she is slowly gaining fans during and after each match she is in, and she is something new for fans to like. Paige’s next opponent for the Divas championship needs to be someone who can perform in the ring. Ever since Paige made her debut it has shown not only me, but other WWE fans that the “Total divas” are just there for the reality show, and I’m glad they are letting divas that can wrestle in the title picture. For tonight’s Raw and many more Paige will continue to shine bright, and help grow the next batch of divas. She’s not the only young star that will be shining tonight with the debut of the Exotic Express coming tonight. Adam Rose is finally making his Raw debut after weeks of vignettes the Rose Experience is coming to Raw. He appears to have the look, and can potentially have the mic skills to grow his following. Rose will just have to perform in the ring to make sure people aren’t a lemon and that they are a Rose bud. I would like to see him perform in what could go down as the match of the night so that the WWE Universe can see that he can wrestle, and that he can quickly either be a fan favorite or someone that everyone enjoys to hate.

WWE World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan successfully defended his title last night against Kane, but I don’t see the rivalry ending there. As stated earlier Batista turned down the chance to fight for the title at this upcoming PPV Payback. Which leaves  the WWE to doing one more match between Bryan and Kane. Bryan’s time off from the ring since WrestleMania30 helped him rest up for what will be a long title run. The title run should put him face to face with plenty of powerhouse superstars like Kane, Roman Reigns, Brock Lesnar, Cesaro, and maybe against someone similar to him in size with CM Punk. Bryan is a fighting champion, and it looks like Stephanie McMahon is going to be playing a major role in trying to do everything she can for him to lose the title, and make it happen as soon as possible. The type of fan support for Bryan is something I doubt will fade soon or even at all. The WWE has something big with him, and will hopefully run with it for the next handful of months.

Tonight’s Raw has plenty of storytelling they can do coming off of a solid PPV. The young stars continued to grow as the veterans seemed to take a step back and allowed for the young guys; Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, The Wyatt Family, Daniel Bryan, and Cesaro to take center stage. The future of the WWE grows every single week on Raw, and tonight will be no different.

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