5-12-14 Raw Preview

Tonight’s Raw takes place in Greenville, South Carolina, and is the final Raw before they head overseas to the UK. Plenty of storylines continue to evolve from last week, and hopefully tonight’s Raw can pack a little bit of a punch before going overseas.

We continue the ongoing message the WWE Universe is receiving from Bray Wyatt towards John Cena. While Cena addressed the WWE Universe last Tuesday on Main Event; Tonight’s Raw should be inching closer to the eventual heel turn for Cena. Bray has the entire WWE Universe on the edge of their seats during every promo, and during tonight’s promo it should be no different. Leading up to another PPV match between these two tonight’s work between them should help paint a clearer picture on how serious the WWE is going to be when it comes to turning Cena into a heel.

Another thing coming into tonight’s Raw that the WWE Universe needs to pay close attention to is the brand new feud between Adam Rose, and Jack Swagger. The debut of Rose last week was a bizarre one which could be considered fitting with his bizarre character. With the WWE moving on from the Swagger/Cesaro feud this new star in Rose could be given a push that many current superstars would like to have. With Zeb Colter in Swagger’s corner the WWE gets to continue push Colter’s “Deportation list” by adding Rose to that list. While Rose won’t really be able to get over with the fans until he starts wrestling, his theme music was a successful hit during his debut. It’s way too early to tell how the superstar Adam Rose is going to do in the WWE, but we can all tell it will be tons of fun watching him.

Over the past handful of weeks and even at the latest PPV Alexander Rusev has played the big-man WWE role perfectly. Dominating every opponent, absolutely unstoppable, and doesn’t have to say a word because he has a beautiful mouthpiece in Lana doing all of his talking. During his short time in the WWE Rusev has dominated superstars like R-Truth, Xavier Woods, and Kofi Kingston. Could tonight be the night that someone can finally stop this man? While I doubt the answer to that is yes; The WWE needs to showcase this man as more than just a big-man,  but show him off as a wrestler that can move in the ring, and do things that no one man his size can do. But we all will tune in when Rusev comes on the screen for one main reason only and that has to do with Lana.

Following their beat down of The Shield to end Raw last week it looks like Evolution has put their Extreme Rules loss behind them and are looking forward to Payback. COO Triple H has the ability to stack the deck against all three members of The Shield until Payback is here, and tonight could be just the beginning of that for Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, and Dean Ambrose. After losing his belt in a 20-man battle royal last week on Raw Ambrose along with Rollins and Reigns try to get retribution tonight against Triple H, Randy Orton and Batista. All signs point towards yet another six-man tag match between these two teams, but they could be leading toward all three men from each team having their own individual match against each other. Look for matches between Reigns vs HHH, Rollins vs Orton, and Ambrose vs Batista if that’s the way the WWE goes. Tonight’s Raw could show The Shield getting the upperhand, but I wouldn’t put anything past Evolution by turning the tables on The Shield and laying them out for the second week in a row.

WWE World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan and his wife Brie Bella have had some strange Raw appearances since getting married, and they all have involved Kane. The big red monster keeps playing mind games with Daniel and Brie all while Daniel is able to retain his WWE title. Following last week’s horrible acting by Brie and Daniel driving off in the car the WWE might need to re-think their booking of Daniel and Brie alongside Kane. With Daniel being the “face” of the WWE for the time being the underdog character, but his being a WWE champion who is scared is not the way to go about it. Tonight’s Raw could help re-establish him as an underdog champion who is not scared of anyone.

Other superstars to pay attention too are the new midcard champions in United States Champion Sheamus who won the title last week on Raw in the 20-man battle royal, and Bad News Barrett who won his Intercontinental championship at Extreme Rules. With the champions before them not helping the title’s presence on the midcard these two superstars could help elevate it to something it hasn’t been in awhile. Along with Paige as the WWE Divas champion the WWE has their midcard champions in good hands with these three superstars.

Plenty of storylines will be continued to be played out and evolve tonight, and the WWE Universe can finally get that one major exciting Raw since WrestleMania. Tonight is the night and I can’t wait for it to happen.

Join in on the conversation tonight during raw by tweeting me @Chucks93 and let’s have some fun during tonight’s Raw.


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