5-12-14 Raw Recap

Tonight’s Raw took place from Greenville, South Carolina. It give the WWE Universe the biggest shock it could even imagine as WWE World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan will be undergoing neck surgery this Thursday.

During his five-ten minute in-ring promo Daniel Bryan told the WWE Universe that him becoming the WWE World Heavyweight Champion was a dream come true. Bryan also says that there are some people who are happy with his injury stating Stephanie McMahonTriple H, and Kane are the ones who are happy. Bryan informs the WWE Universe that he has no idea when he will be back, but without a doubt he in fact will be back, and that his career is not over. While Bryan will be out of action for the near future there was no mention on where or not he will have to give up his title or not. With the main event of Payback ruined due to this injury the WWE has some major adjustments they will have to make for the next PPV, and for the next handful of months while Bryan is on the sidelines. The WWE needs to yet again find a number two guy next to John Cena. For as long as Cena is a full time performer he will be the top guy; CM Punk was number two before he left and now Bryan was number two before this injury. WWE needs to answer this question of who will be the next top star with Bryan out with this neck injury.

While Bryan’s injury is the biggest news from tonight’s Raw it’s not what kicked off the show. The Shield stood tall in the ring and called out Evolution for what they did to them last week. All three members of The Shield voiced their frustration on what happened last week, and even challenged Evolution to a rematch at Payback(even though they won the match at Extreme Rules). Following their promo a limo pulls up and Evolution gets out, and the attack is on. The Shield run to the back and sneak attack Triple H, Randy Orton, and BatistaRoman ReignsSeth Rollins, and Dean Ambrose are all having to be held back by referees and backstage officials.

Tonight’s first match(technically) was between Rob Van Dam and Jack Swagger. Before the match gets underway Zeb Colter is in the ring talking about the latest addition to his deportation list. Colter brings up what happened last week on Raw with newcomer Adam Rose interrupting him, and he is the newest man on his list. Before the match could get started Rose’s music hits and the party begins. Rose does the exact same thing as last week with a few different groupies with him, but his distraction was just enough to cause Swagger to lose the match in record seconds. RVD kicks Swagger in the face, hits the five star frog splash and gets the 1-2-3.
Tonight’s next match put WWE Divas Champion Paige in a one-on-one match against Alicia Fox. Prior to the start of the match Fox cuts a small promo on how Paige has been in the WWE for six weeks, and in that time she has alienated every diva in the locker room. She continues and tells Paige that she doesn’t fit and then hits Paige with the mic. Fox has most of the offense during the entire match until Paige out of nowhere is able to get the victory. Following the match Fox throws a major fit by kicking the barricade, pushing the ref, tears the top off the announcers table, and then officially walks off by wearing JBL’s hat. During an exclusive WWE App interview following her match Fox told Stephanie McMahon that she quits.

The John Cena and Bray Wyatt feud continues tonight, but not via the promos this time due to six-man tag action. Cena teamed up with The Usos to take on the Wyatt Family. The Wyatt’s in six-man tag action is money for the WWE every time they can be booked in one just like The Shield. The Usos seem to be getting another push while Tag Team Champions, but that will be more clear in the upcoming weeks. While no real feud is going on right now for the tag team champs The Usos could really help carry the division. Cena still has the hate from many of the fans in the arena and it probably grew tonight as he won the match by pinning Erick Rowan. After the match Bray grabs a mic and tells Cena “Thank You” Cena looks on with a puzzled face as Bray starts to laugh. In a match that helps the Total Divas storyline Natalya faced Nikki Bella because of what happened on the last episode. It appears that the WWE could be either making Natalya a heel or could be fazing her out of the reality show Total Divas. Nikki Bella in the end wins the match.

The new United States champ Sheamus was in two matches tonight. His first match was against one half of the tag team Rybaxel as he fought Curtis Axel. Sheamus is able to pick up the victory via submission as he used the cloverleaf to make Axel tap out. After the match Ryback attacks Sheamus which leads to the second match of the night for Sheamus as he faced Ryback. In a back and forth match Sheamus ends it with the brogue kick and gets the 1-2-3. Sheamus is set for a nice big push with the upcoming UK tour and the need for the United States champion to make the title relevant again. Sheamus has that ability in him to help make the midcard a place superstar will want to be and that will be interesting to see how it is booked with him as champion.

Making her way to the ring is Stephanie McMahon, and she has somethings to say regarding Daniel Bryan. Stephanie starts it off by saying that Bryan’s surgery proves one that, and that it’s he’s not an A+ player. Stephanie makes mention to how his body can’t keep up with his in-ring style, and that she has to do what’s best for business. With that said she calls Bryan out to the ring, but he doesn’t appear. Kane’s music hits and fire comes up and we see the big red monster dragging Bryan to the ramp. Bryan lays motionless on the ramp as Brie Bella comes to his side and he is attended to by the doctors. Stephanie makes her way to the top of the ramp and makes sure he is okay while he is getting put on the stretcher. While being taken to the ambulance both Stephanie and Brie are with him as Stephanie keeps on repeating that she is sorry. Brie has enough as she tells Stephanie to stay away and she shoves her. Brie enters the ambulance as they drive off and Stephanie just stands  there with a pissed off look following the shove she received from Brie.

We get a match between two superstars who seem to be stuck in no mans land as Dolph Ziggler faces Fandango. The WWE gives us a little bit of a background story on Fandango once being involved with Summer Rae, but now he is with Layla. Layla causes a distraction, but she distracted Fandango which leads to Ziggler picking up the win. After the match an upset Layla enters the ring as Fandango grabs the mic. He mentions how although he lost the match he feels like a winner because he has Layla. He lets Layla know that he loves her, and they begin to kiss. That scene right there could help build a feud between Ziggler and Fandango with Summer Rae coming back(after her movie) with Ziggler as Fandango has Layla. While this might not be the kind of push Ziggler or Fandango would want it could be the start of something interesting to watch if in fact the WWE put Summer Rae and Ziggler together.

Hacksaw Jim Duggan comes out to promote both the WWE Network and the Reality Show “Legend’s House”. He is then interrupted by the Ravishing Russian Lana, and the USA chants begin. Lana brings out Rusev as they make their way to the ring. Lana tells Duggan he has one chance to beg for mercy, and he begins another USA chant. Lana tells Rusev to crush him, but before he can beat up Duggan out comes Big E for the save. Rusev knocks Big E out of the ring, but it seems like Rusev could finally have come competition. A feud between two big guys could either turnout to be really good, or completely really bad. Both guys have tons of potential and it will be interesting to see who the WWE decides to put over in this feud.

Damien Sandow gets some live on air time this week with a mic in his hands, and he tells the WWE Universe to go watch his “pipebomb” from the WWE Raw Pre-show. Sandow believes many people are afraid of what he might say when he has a mic in his hands on live TV. While he is talking he is of course interrupted by Cody Rhodes and Goldust. Sandow is going one-on-one with Cody Rhodes as Goldust is on the outside looking on. Cody nails the disaster kick and gets the 1-2-3. After a Bo Dallas vignette we go to a Bray Wyatt promo. Just like always Bray cuts his promo on John Cena, and in this one challenges him to a Last Man Standing match at Payback.

The main event is here and it’s Roman Reigns vs Batista. Both superstars come down to the ring with the other members of their group right by there side. Both and forth action between these two competitors leads to them taking the action to the outside. Reigns’ has Batista set up for the big apron kick but is stopped by Triple H and Randy Orton. Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose just out of the ring as they take out HHH and Orton. Reigns is able to hit Batista with the dropkick, and starts getting ready for the superman punch but HHH pulls him out of the ring. Reigns then starts attacking HHH and the referee calls for the bell. All six men are fighting each other as they all make it back into the ring with The Shield on top. With The Shield having the upperhand Stephanie McMahon calls for backup, and a bunch of heels come to the aid of Evolution. The heels start their beat down of The Shield as HHH goes to get a chair to do more damage. Before HHH can use the chair Reigns hits him with a spear and both Rollins and Ambrose grab chairs and start hitting all of the heels. They start taking out each heel one by one. Ambrose hits his finisher on Fandango onto the chair. Rollins does the same thing as he uses the chair on Curtis Axel during his finishing move. Reigns hits Heath Slater with the superman punch and spears Ryback. All three members of The Shield give Ryback the triple powerbomb, and we end with a staredown between The Shield and Evolution.

Tonight’s Raw had a roller coaster of emotion. Mainly due to the news of Daniel Bryan needing neck surgery. While is momentum has been stopped for now it hasn’t ended as his momentum will be stronger than ever once he returns. The hole he leaves for this company is huge as they don’t have a definite number two guy behind John Cena. For the last few years during his title run CM Punk was number two to Cena, and then Bryan once Punk left. The WWE has a major hole to fill with this injury, and it was very interesting on who they decide to push as the number two guy. Could they push Bray Wyatt more than they planned on? Could the break-up of The Shield actually happen sooner than they planned so Reigns can be the number two guy? Does Triple H continue this role of him fighting? Can Randy Orton or Batista keep an audience entertained once not involved with Evolution? Does Brock Lesnar come back earlier than expected to help out the lack of superstars? Or the final question WWE fans can ask is; Is this the time CM Punk finally returns and takes his place as the number two guy in the business, and could be the number one heel in the business as well. Payback as no main event match and will be held in Chicago. So let the Punk rumors begin, and let his article be the first one to bring it up again(Hopefully).

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