Payback Predictions

Tonight is WWE’s first of two “Special Events” in the month of June. It’s Payback live from Chicago, Illinois. The card is stacked, and in less than an hour the matches will get underway.

But before everything gets underway for the second straight event El Torito vs Hornswoggle is on the pre-show with tonight’s match being a mask vs hair match. Without getting into too much detail about this match I believe we see El Torito win, and he will ultimately shave Hornswoggle’s head.

Rusev with Lana Vs Big E- This match could be the start of something good between these two young talents. They are both two of the more notable mid-card superstars in the WWE, and based on how tonight go they could help carry the rest of the mid-card talent. Rusev has been completely dominant since he has been called up to the main roster, and Big E is a former intercontinental champion. With Lana controlling the Bulgarian brute I give Rusev the slight edge, and his undefeated streak will remain intact in his win over Big E tonight.

United States Champion Sheamus Vs Cesaro with Paul Heyman- this match is one of three matches that will have a title on the line. Current United States Champion Sheamus, and current Paul Heyman guy Cesaro have been feuding over the past few weeks, and tonight’s title match could also be the beginning of a great feud similar to the match previously talked about. Ironically neither of these superstars are from the United States, but these two guys are one of the bigger names in the WWE that can help bring some prestige back to the title. Sheamus won the title back on the Raw after Extreme Rules in a 20 man Battle Royal as he eliminated former United States Champion Dean Ambrose to win the belt. Cesaro who has been a Paul Heyman guy ever since the Raw after WrestleMania 30 looks to hold the United States title for the second time in his career. Tonight will be just the beginning of those feud, and no matter who wins the title these two guys will continue to make this feud one of the best ones in the WWE. Tonight we see one title change and that will be Cesaro defeating Sheamus for the United States Championship.

Intercontinental Champion Bad News Barrett Vs Rob Van Dam- Current number one contender Rob Van Dam began tonight’s challenger by winning a beat the clock challenge; while Bad News Barrett won the title back at Extreme Rules by winning the number one contender tournament and defeating Big E at Extreme Rules. Barrett’s character seems to have finally connect with the WWE audience whether he is a good guy or bad guy, and in the end this title run for him is just the basement of what he will do as Bad News Barrett. While RVD seems to still be around in the WWE based on his name alone. Nothing seems too much for him in the ring, but he seems stuck in the middle of the mid-card with no major feud coming up, and no title run in the near future either. RVD still has plenty of the WWE universe on his side, but it’s Barrett’s time in the WWE, and tonight will show why. Bad News Barrett successfully defends his title tonight against Rob Van Dam.

Divas Champion Paige Vs Alicia Fox- This is tonight’s third and final title defense of the night, and could help bring back the divas division. Paige is one of the best wrestling divas on the main roster although she has only been on the roster for the past few months. Fox is finally getting a chance to show what she can do in a ring, and her crazy side is being let out, and she could be connecting with the fans. With no AJ Lee the Divas division is severely lacking in talent, but this match could help bring it back. Paige is the WWE’s biggest diva right now, and they need to keep having the divas go through her. This won’t be the last time Paige will face Fox for the title as Paige will retain her title tonight.

John Cena Vs Bray Wyatt in a last man standing match- When it comes to booking here is tonight’s co-main event of the evening. Cena and Bray have been going back and forth for the past few months and it all comes to an end in tonight’s last man standing match. Bray’s message has been slowly gaining steam ever since he started this feud against Cena, and now the Cenation is starting to becoming followers of Bray, and tonight Bray could take the remaining Cenation fans with him. Cena needs this match so he can go back to the Cenation, and let them know he took the monster out and stay as the hero as the WWE. But if Bray wins the monster that inside of Cena could be released, and could the “bad guy” Cena emerge? The “Special Event” series between these two is tied at one a piece, and tonight’s Last Man Standing match will mark the end to a great feud. Bray has emerged as a top star in the WWE thanks to this feud; while Cena’s character has become more stale, and could use a heel turn following a potential loss tonight. Bray’s family(Luke Harper and Erick Rowan) will likely play a factor in tonight’s match, but we could also see Jimmy and Jey Uso come to the aid of Cena to even the sides. I believe we seem those two tag teams cancel each other out, and in the end it will be Bray vs Cena to end the match. Depending on how the match plays out Bray could “win” if he releases the monster inside of Cena, but Cena only wins if he can keep that monster inside of him. The winner of tonight’s Last Man Standing match will be John Cena, but the seed could finally be planting of Cena becoming an Anti-hero to the WWE Universe.

Evolution Vs The Shield in a No Hold Barred Elimination Match- Tonight marks the end of this fantastic feud between these two dominate stables in the WWE. The Shield has the upper hand after winning their match against Evolution at Extreme Rules last month. Also tonight could be the end of Evolution(for now), but that doesn’t mean that they will ultimately lose tonight’s match. These six men in tonight’s match will make this the best match of the night, and the fans will be on the edge of their seats the entire time. Look for Roman Reigns to be the main guy for The Shield, and for Triple H to be the main guy for Evolution. With Seth Rollins, and Dean Ambrose being the wild cards for The Shield; Which makes Randy Orton and Batista the wild cards for Evolution. With this match being an elimination match I expect to see Rollins, and Ambrose to both be eliminated during the match which will leave Reigns to go one on two as Batista will be the only man(at first) to be eliminated from Evolution. The main event will come down to the COO Triple H going one on one against Reigns; With Reigns coming out on top, and becoming an even bigger star in the WWE.

Stephanie McMahon & Daniel Bryan in ring confrontation- WWE World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan is out of action due to his neck surgery, and could possibly have to surrender his title to Stephanie tonight. Bryan has a choice to either give up the title or his wife Brie Bella gets fired tonight. Although Bryan is out of action the WWE title will remain around his waist, but ultimately his wife will get fired. Keeping the belt around Bryan’s waist is the best thing the WWE could do because the backlash they would receive from fans would be enormous.


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