Raw Preview


Tonight’s Raw takes play from Indianapolis, Indiana and the fallout from Payback takes place. Here are some major points that will happen tonight; What’s next for The Shield? What will Stephanie McMahon have planned for Daniel Bryan with Brie Bella quitting? Can Bray Wyatt still hold the WWE Universe in his hands? Plus gearing up for the Money In The Bank event later this month.

Tonight’s Raw will help determine if not all the names, most of the superstars who will be competing in the Money In The Bank match. With current WWE World Heavyweight Champion out of action look for the MITB match to be the biggest yet, and possibly the main event of the evening. In recent years the MITB match has made superstars out of people like CM Punk, Dolph Ziggler, and Daniel Bryan. This year should be no different with seven superstars being entered into the match. Tonight will be the beginning of the WWE Universe finding out who the seven superstars will be competing in that match.

Leading up to MITB; Tonight’s Raw will either help continue feuds from last night including Sheamus & Cesaro, and Rusev & Big E. While others like The Shield & Evolution, and John Cena & Bray Wyatt all seem to be over. With feuds like Sheamus & Cesaro, and Rusev & Big E the mid-card and the mid-card title Sheamus holds could be on there way back up in the eyes of the WWE Universe. All four of these guys are coming off of great performances at Payback last night, and building off those performances is what will help the mid-card for the entire WWE. Last night the Universe also saw the end of a tag team as Cody Rhodes and Goldust seem to be on the outs following their loss to Rybaxel. With the looming break up of these two it allows Cody Rhodes to focus on a potential very good singles career, and tonight could be the start of it.

Last night we saw Daniel Bryan keep his title due to Brie Bella quitting, and then slapping Stephanie McMahon in the face. While Bryan is out of action for the near future, and Stephanie being his boss it’s possible she could still strip Bryan of the title, but would that be the best for business? Tonight we will get more clarity on what the future will hold for not only Bryan, but also for the WWE World Heavyweight titles.

Two of the better feuds of the entire year could have come to an end last night with The Shield defeating Evolution, and John Cena beating Bray Wyatt in a Last Man Standing match. Tonight will be a big one for The Shield as plenty of rumors have surfaced since Payback went off the air last night as the leader of The Shield Roman Reigns fears that he has a torn triceps. If Reigns is out of action both Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose will need to carry the load, or could tonight be the end of one best group in the past 5 years. Tonight will be a big moment for The Shield, and it all depends on the health of not just Reigns, but also Rollins and Ambrose. In last nights Last Man Standing match Cena emerged victories over Bray in one of the better matches of last night. Tonight’s Raw will have people asking two questions; what’s next for Cena? And what will be Bray’s message now? Although Cena won the feud, Bray is a star, and tonight is the start of him becoming an even bigger star as he moves on from Cena. Both of these men could see each other in the MITB match later on this month.

Raw has plenty of momentum to build on based on how well Payback was received, and could end up being one of the best Raw’s since WrestleMania 30. Tons of young stars performed great last night, and the young stars in the WWE continue to shine under the bright lights. With MITB right around the corner look for these next few Raw’s to be off the charts, and tonight will be the start of something great.

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