Home Is Where The Wins Are

Dating all the way back to May 19th against the Detroit Tigers, the Cleveland Indians have gone 9-0 at home scoring a total of 55 runs(6.1 per game) while only allowing their opponents to score 37 runs(4.1 per game). The Indians defense has been one of their biggest disappointments so far this season, but during this 9-game winning streak at home they have only committed four errors in those nine games, and have gone three straight games without any errors. This ball club has been a completely different team when playing at progressive field compared to when they are on the road. Following last night’s extra innings win over the Boston Red Sox the Indians have an AL-best home record at 21-11, and trail the Miami Marlins by a half game for best home record in the entire MLB. Although the Indians have the best AL home they are in dead last in the entire MLB in average attendance with 15,523. The Tampa Bay Rays have the second worst average attendance in the MLB at 18,403 which is a difference of 2,880 fans. Both the Indians and Rays are in last in total attendance respectively at 472,846 and 496,900; Which is a difference of 24,054. When comparing the Indians attendance to the team with the worst record in the AL the Houston Astros average 6,955 more fans, and have a total of 215,606 more fans than the Indians. The numbers get worse when comparing the Indians to the team that has the worst record in the entire MLB(Chicago Cubs), and to the team that has the worst home record(Arizona Diamondbacks).

Although the attendance has been less than flattering for the Indians at home; their recent play has been the complete opposite. As the famous sports movie Field of Dreams says “If you built it, they will come”; Well for the Indians their new slogan needs to be “If we win; they will come”. The Indians rank in the top 10 in batting average at home at .267, and have five batters with at least 80 at-bats are batting over .300(Chisenhall, Brantley, Murphy, Aviles, and Bourn). They are also the fourth highest scoring team in the MLB at home 147 runs, and are fifth in RBIs with 138. This offense has been very productive while they are out of the top ten when it comes to hitting home runs at home at 28. The saying is ” Numbers never lie, but don’t tell the whole story”, and when it comes to the Indians that saying couldn’t be more true. This team is ten games over .500 at home, but are ten games under .500 on the road.

Starting tomorrow the Indians have ten straight games on the road starting in Texas, and ending in Boston with a series in Kansas City in between. This will be the biggest test of them all if the Indians can continue their home ways on the road before returning to Progressive field June 16th. These next ten games will determine whether the attendance at Progressive field will increase or stay the same, because no matter how well they play at home it all depends on they play on the road on how the attendance will be.

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