Money In The Bank Grades

Tonight’s special event took place in Boston, Massachusetts and was an overall lackluster event. Some matches and moments gave the WWE Universe what they want, but as a whole it lacked a lot of things. Seven confirmed matches with a throw in match added so tonight consisted of eight total matches. More than half of the matches were below average or just down right disappointing to watch. Of those matches a lot of them felt like time filler marches. My overall grade for the special event is C; it was a very average event, and it could have been better especially with how great the two money in the bank matches were.

Tag team titles match- The Usos(W) vs Luke Harper & Erick Rowan(L)- The WWE always wants to kickoff the show with a bang and this match did just that. This rivalry between these two tag teams have been something special for the tag team division. Jimmy and Jey Uso have a way with their in ring style to get the fans excited and tonight was no different. Both teams did some high risk moves and it had plenty of back and forth action. As the opening match of the night they delivered and set the tone for the event. The tone they set was not reached or passed by other matches expect for two other matches. Match grade- B.

Divas title match- Paige(W) vs Naomi(L) with Cameron- Just like the first match this isna rivalry that has helped the divas division with no AJ Lee in the picture. The eventual split of Cameron and Naomi was more and more clear during the match as numerous times in the match Cameron would smile when Naomi was losing in the match. The first half of the match saw Naomi on the offensive and even was extremely close to winning the match. The match showed Paige can take a good beating, and it also allowed her to show off her new finisher as well. Match grade- C+

Bonus match- Damien Sandow(L)(dressed as Paul Revere) vs Adam Rose-(W) The gimmicks continue for Sandow as he dresses up like he does every week on Raw. No idea why the WWE continues to do this to Sandow but the fans are still sticking behind him even though he gets put into these gimmicks and continues to lose. The fans were somewhat into the match and during some points in the match had his theme song sung by the fans. Also the WWE has made it confusing on what’s going on with the Rose charater as well. This match was nothing more than a time filler match. Match grade- D-

MITB match for the briefcase- Seth Rollins(w), Rob Van Dam, Kofi Kingston, Dolph Ziggler, Jack Swagger and Dean Ambrose- This match took the bar that The Usos’ match set and put it up ten more levels. This gave you everything a MITB match has given the WWE universe in the past and more. Crazy moves, crazy spots, everything in this match was crazy. Speaking of crazy Dean Ambrose also gave the WWE universe everything they wanted by starting off the match attacking Seth Rollins. Getting closer towards the end of the match it appeared Ambrose sustained an injury to his shoulder when the ref and doctor came to him and “made him” go to the back with a supposed dislocated shoulder. But that didn’t stop him from coming back and stoping Rollins from winning. All the participates seem to have sustain some injuries in the match; which made the match for the WWE universe probably the best of the night. But the ending is what made the match lose something in my grading. Ambrose was just inches from grabbing the briefcase until “The Demon” Kane comes out and stops him from doing so. Kane then holds the ladder down for Rollins as he grabs the briefcase for the win. Match Grade- A-

Rybaxel(L) vs Goldust and Stardust(W)- This feud seems to be going nowhere especially with the crowd not caring about Rybaxel and this Stardust gimmick being bad from day one. The match like most of the event was a time filler one, and was made up of bad storyline matches. Match grade- C-

Rusev(W) vs Big E(L)- The on and off rivalry between these guys seems to be back on and could be something great. Both men have the potential of being multiple time champs, and can both help grow each others career. Big E with the spot of the match when spearing Rusev from the apron to the floor. In a match that wasn’t a squash match for Rusev he prevailed and looked good in it. Match grade- C+

Summer Rae(L) vs Layla(W) with Fandango as special guest referee- The match, the feud this entire thing was a waste of time. This was something that needed to be done on Main Event, Superstars, or Smackdown; not on a “special event”. Match grade- F

MITB match for the WWE World Heavyweight championship- John Cena(W), Kane, Bray Wyatt, Roman Reigns, Alberto Del Rio, Sheamus, Cesaro, and Randy Orton- This was the first time ever the WWE World Heavyweight title would be decided in s Money In The Bank match and it somewhat delivered. It could have really showcased the three up and coming stars in the WWE in Reigns, Wyatt and Cesaro and I feel like they missed out on that. I’m not saying they needed to win for that to happen, but they could have been used more in big spots in the match to get them even more over than they already are. At the beginning of the match Orton was busted open due to a ladder shot to the head, but was quickly attended to. He experienced no problems with blood until the end of the match where he was bleeding profusely from the top of his head. This match had some good moments but wasn’t as good as the first MITB match earlier in the evening. Match grade – B-

Tonight’s event was very average with a few matches being just better than average and one being extremely good. For the most part this event could have suffered from being the second special event of the month with Payback taking place on the first Sunday of June. Money In The Bank should be one of the best events of the entire year, but tonight it was just one of WWE’s average events. WrestleMania turns main event talent into legends; Money In The Bank should have turned a mid-card talent into a main event talent and this year it failed to do so. Special event grade- C-

Give me your thoughts and leave your opinions on all of the polls as you grade each match. Also follow me on twitter @Chucks93. Thank you for reading this, and I hope we enjoyed it!


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