Money In The Bank Predictions

We are just under one hour away from one of the top 5 events the WWE puts on all year. Money In The Bank turns existing stars into legends, and turns the averager superstars into mega stars. The WWE Universe has seven action packed matches tonight with two of them involving the Money In The Bank math concept. For the first time ever the WWE World Heavyweight Championship will be on the line in a Money In The Bank match. Here are my predictions for tonight’s matches.

Money In The Bank ladder match for the briefcase- Bad News Barrett, Dolph Ziggler, Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, Jack Swagger, RVD, and Kofi Kingston. Plenty of high flyers in this match which will make the crowd be very involved in the match. I expect plenty of thrilling & death defying moments in this match done by almost all of the participants besides an injured BNB. I believe a few different guys could win this, but the guy I am going with is Dolph Ziggler. While is past would make it hard to see him win; This could be & probably is his last shot of being a top guy in the WWE based on his injury history with concussions. Fans have been backing him for a few years now, and just like with Daniel Bryan the WWE Universe will play a major part in him getting another chance to succeed as one of the top guys. Winner- Dolph Ziggler

Rybaxel vs Goldust & Stardust- In a very strange set-up for the Rhodes Brothers the expected feud between those two seem to be on the backburner with the Stardust character. While the duo of Rybaxel seem to be getting more air time than most tag teams the Universe just are not sold on Ryback and Axel. The duo of Goldust and Stardust should be short lived, but tonight I expect them to get the win. Winner- Goldust & Stardust

Big E vs Rusev- In what it seems to be in on and off feud between these two. These young superstars could really steal the show depending on how much time given to them for the match. Rusev the anti-american vs Big E the american supporter is an old time rivalry that could help both of these guys done right. Rusev is a dominate force in the ring and has yet to be stopped. While Big E has been his first real threat I see the dominance continue for Rusev. Winner- Rusev

Summer Rae va Layla with Fandango as special guest referee- In a time filler match to say the least. Summer Rae and Layla might be able to entertain the crowd for a few minutes before losing interest. So just to keep the theme rolling and picking a winner I’ll go with Summer Rae. Winner- Summer Rae


Luke Harper & Erick Rowan vs The Usos for the WWE Tag Team titles- The best two tag teams in the WWE are finally going head-to-head for the titles. Harper and Rowan are looking to win the Tag Titles for the first time in their careers while The Usos look to stay on top of the tag team division. The crowd in attendance tonight will be split in this match with plenty of them fans of The Wyatt Family, and the other half being Uso-crazy. Not many title defenses have happened for The Usos on PPV since winning the belts, but tonight they will show why they are the champs. Winner- The Usos

Naomi vs Paige for the Divas title- Paige is the best diva the WWE has while AJ Lee continues to be away, but Naomi is right behind her. Tonight’s match will come down to what Cameron decides to do. While it appears that Cameron and Naomi will be splitting up in the near future it is possible that the near future could be tonight. Cameron has become the “selfish” one out of the two and could cost Naomi the title. Winner- Paige via DQ.

Money In The Bank ladder match for the WWE World Heavyweight championship- John Cena, Kane, Bray Wyatt, Roman Reigns, Cesaro, Sheamus, Randy Orton & Alberto Del Rio. For the first time ever the WWE World Heavyweight Championship will be put in the Money In The Bank ladder match. Tonight’s event is in Boston which technically gives Cena the hometown advantage. But we all know how the WWE Universe feels about Cena so that hometown advantage probably won’t mean anything. Kane was added to this match this past week on Raw when COO Triple H made him the eighth man in the match. I believe the WWE Universe would be perfectly fine with three people winning this match. Those three people would be Cesaro, Bray Wyatt and Roman Reigns. All three of these superstars are rather new to the top level of the WWE, but all three deserve to be there. The only question for all three guys is “Is it too early?”. My answer for all three of them is no, because they have done something a lot of superstars haven’t and that’s connect with the WWE Universe. Cesaro with Heyman is something all fans want to see as the champion. Bray Wyatt and is fantastic promos, and his following is something the WWE universe would love to see as champion. Roman Reigns is “the next big thing” as his time could be now as well. My winner tonight, and new WWE World Heavyweight Champion is Bray Wyatt.


Money In The Bank is less than an hour away and I will be live tweeting the event @Chucks93. Make sure you join in on the conversation throughout the night. Also either leave a comment on your predictions for tonight or send your predictions to my Twitter which is once again @Chucks93


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